Your Self or My Self?

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As we begin to feel the depth of deception that capitalism has bestowed upon us. The true vastness of trillions of dollars of wealth that has been siphoned into unused and untaxable off shore bank accounts while millions live in poverty, there will be a sharp shift in our tolerance. Followed by a sharp shift in our global consciousness. We will begin to engage alternatives. These alternatives will leave behind the old corrupt systems and start to build new representative democracies and organizations. Ones that benefit all individuals and truly represent the environment and the community. All our voices once again heard.

Two great words that will be at the forefront of this shift are holism and egalitarianism. Holism essentially takes into account that all parts cannot exist without the whole. All parts of the system of our planet are connected, life cannot survive without the oxygen from trees and so there is as such, a connection. Same when we take into account mental, physical and social, we are using a holistic approach. Egalitarianism sounds big and bold, but it is no more than a sharing ideology. People all get the same and in turn get treated equally.

For these words to be truly employed into our lives we must first begin to reflect on our consciousness. There is a lot to be said about consciousness. The word is invoked in many walks of life and can be hard to grasp without a small introduction. As an infant and young child we felt consciousness more than ever. Notice a child beholding a duck or a plant. To them it is so wondrous, a magical glimpse of the suchness or ‘Brahman’ as the Hindu’s call it. Gazing with such intense intrigue, they get lost in another world, the real world.

What is meant when an old person says they feel the same as they did when they were 20? They don’t mean physically, so what do they actually mean? They ultimately mean their consciousness or ‘Atman’, meaning soul or true self. That does not leave, it never has and it never will. When there is no narrative or conversation running through our tainted minds, we are in touch with our true nature, our true self, true consciousness.

We can test ourselves wherever we so wish. Driving along, walking to work, or washing the dishes. Have no labels, no words, just breathing experience into our lives. If we practice daily and remember what it was like to use only breathe, instead of mind, we shall soon enough be in touch with it. The senses are heightened the more we practice, the more we wake up our consciousness the more alive we begin to feel. We must become aware of our incessant neurosis in order to transcend. The dust is thick and thus it takes time to clean away but with introspection and practice new insights can be felt throughout our core. If during our daily endeavours we can practice being fully conscious, or mindful as one may call it, we start to remember our true self. We hear self all the time. My-self, your-self, our-self. What is the real self?

‘You are Brahman’, ‘Tat tvam asi’ ‘You are that’ ‘That art thou’

Hinduism, The Tao, and Zen all cross paths and invite you into a world much more unconventional but distinctly more powerful than any other. The distinction lays largely in no personal god. They do not believe in an all knowing all conceiving personal god man in the sky. Their god lays within all of us, within the growth of everything in nature and ourselves. The Tao has no easy translation and as Lao Tzu said “Those who know, do not speak. Those who speak, do not know.” It can however be felt.

As consciousness and society shift there will be a resistance to this of course, no one likes too much change. However in order for the planet not to topple rapidly towards exhaustion, we will soon embrace the necessary change. We will stop trying to convince psychotic money addicted corporations stuck in a system they did not create. We will cease challenging others that are not ready for change.

We will simply start without them and begin on our own path. Love and compassion will overcome selfishness and greed. The consciousness of the human race will evolve. We have been told evolution takes millions years but it is not so, we can evolve in a single lifetime. That evolution has begun.

This article has been written by Callum Golding

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Paul Lenda is the founder & director of SHIFT>, a conscious evolution guide, author of The Creation of a Consciousness Shift, intentional evolutionary & celebrator of life working to provide an integral role in the positive social transformation of humanity.