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Paul Lenda is the founder & director of SHIFT>, a conscious evolution guide, author of The Creation of a Consciousness Shift, intentional evolutionary & celebrator of life working to provide an integral role in the positive social transformation of humanity.

Amazing Documentary on Buddha Boy

An amazing documentary on Ram Bahadur Bomjan, the so-called Buddha Boy (now 22) who had meditated for 3 years without food or water from 2005-2008

Life’s Lessons

10 Suggestions for a Successful Future

  1. Realize that life isn't always fair. Accept what you must, and change what you can. 2. Think before you act. A moment of carelessness or anger can cause years of anguish and regret. 3. Look...

The Science of Kissing

  There's nothing like a romantic kiss. It is the climax of every great love story and an experience that has motivated poets and musicians for thousands of years. It's also a wonderful example of...

7 Health Benefits of Going Barefoot Outside

  Even though we've come to think of them as a vital part of our lives, only 20 percent of the world's population today wears shoes. Although in western society, shoes are necessary in certain...

How to Raise an Earth-Conscious Child

  Children these days have many technological distractions that keep them busy and less connected with the environment. Whether it's a video game, television program or computer screen, children are forgetting how to connect with...