14 Signs of a Highly Intelligent Person that Can’t be Faked

natural intelligence
Our society has a benchmarking standard for people who are intelligent. If you come first in class, automatically you are assigned the word intelligent by people around you. However, your marks don’t decide your intelligence. Neither does your job or your achievement. A human being can be intelligent if he or she has the following traits. Next time you call a person intelligent, search for these traits as mentioned below

1. The person who has the curiosity to know things better: You remember that one guy who used to ask multiple questions in the classroom? Most of us used to get annoyed from such a kid including our teacher. However, now you would realize that he was the intelligent kid. People who have the curiosity of knowing more are generally more intelligent. They don’t settle for a simple answer without knowing the logic behind it.

2. A person who has a sharp memory: You will find people who remember everything. This can be anything starting from a name of a person to direction of roads. If a person remembers everything, that person is no doubt very intelligent. There are two types of memories, long term memory and short-term memory. People who have a sharp short-term memory are said to be more intelligent.

3. A person who has humility: It has been said by many researchers that if you are humble, you are more Intelligent. There are people who know nothing but jump around pretending that they know everything. If a person is actually knowledgeable, he or she will never boast about it. Rather, they would be humble and nice.

4. The person who can empathize: An intelligent person understands other pains. He or she will always empathize with others situation. If someone is in trouble, the intelligent person will be the first to stretch out a helping hand.

5. People who don’t sleep much: You will never find an intelligent person sleeping a lot. People who are intelligent have a habit of thinking when they alone and you are generally alone during night time. So, people who don’t sleep much and keep thinking about many things and working all night are the ones who have powerful brains.

6. People who have strong ethics: You will never find an intelligent person disrespectful to anyone. You will not find them going against their ethics and doing anything. They always stay very calm and composed. They are respectful to all the important people in their lives because they know how much others mean to them. Even if they have an argument, they try make it a point to resolve it in the gentlest manner possible.

7. People who have a good sense of humor: Humor is a natural yet difficult thing to have. You can be funny but being humorous and sarcastic at the same time is something only intelligent people can do. You will find them the quiet most of the times. But when they speak, they will be the main attraction of the entire crowd.

8. They are specific in what they do: Not everyone can do everything. But if you find people excelling in something they are good, they are pretty intelligent. Being specific with whatever a person does is a sign of sheer intelligence. That can be anything starting from work of art to studies to any other physical activity.

9. They are not bothered about what other say: You will not find intelligent people wasting their time on what others say. This doesn’t mean they are narcissistic, but they are generally concerned about their lives. You won’t find these people talking or gossiping about other people much. Rather, they work on improving their own skills and talents at the same time.

10. They waste less time: If you can see that someone wastes less time and indulges in his or her own work, that person is more intelligent than anyone around. These people concentrate on productive work that resting and wasting time. Even if they don’t have work, they will use their time learning or reading about something new.

11. They like being alone at times: If you see a person who wants sometime alone, you should be sure that the person is really intelligent. Intelligent people have a habit of spending time alone. This gives them the opportunity of thinking about many things that they couldn’t have done with people around.

12. They observe well: If a person observes everything really well, that person is intelligent. An intelligent person observes everything anywhere he goes, be it schools, parties or any other place. This helps them to build their memory.

13. If a person gives good advice: An intelligent person is always a good adviser. He or she will give you some of the greatest advice, be it regarding your life, relationships or career. You should always listen to them and you won’t be disappointed for sure.

14. They never stop trying new things: Intelligent people are generally risk takers. They will always try to learn and do new things. They are not afraid to delve into new adventures and experiences. This probably makes them different from others.

Final Thoughts. So, the next time you meet a person who is smart and well-versed, don’t just blindly conclude that he or she is intelligent. Just go through this list and check whether he or she is actually intelligent. Good day.
This article has been republished from Health Positivity.