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We are proud to announce SHIFT> has partnered with Gaiam TV to bring you streaming conscious media! We’re very excited to do this, because Gaiam TV has fantastic array of films in the areas of yoga, wellness, spiritual growth, and alternative topics that are outside the mainstream of media.

Just like us here, Gaiam TV is on a journey, both individually and collectively, seeking to reach humanity’s highest potential. The people that make up Gaiam TV come from a variety of backgrounds and life experiences, and the journey means something different to each of them and, as a result,  Gaiam TV strives to deliver content that resonates with the many paths taken. With a vast video and article library, Gaiam TV provides you with unlimited opportunities to empower yourself with knowledge, awareness and a choice in media. Gaiam TV’s content is designed to create an open-minded dialogue, and a welcoming space to explore your mind, body and soul.

Looking at the mainstream media culture you can see that it’s the rule rather than the exception to deliver content that is ego-glorifying and emboldening a separation and us vs them mentality. Gaiam TV’s media content inspires with the sharing of a more conscious culture…a culture for intentional evolutionaries.

We’ve been granted permission to exclusively share previous of some films we especially like in Gaiam TV’s treasure trove of conscious content which you can watch in the player below. partner player

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