4 Tech Tools to Help Take Care of Your Aging Parents

Aging is natural, but sometimes hits us out of nowhere, and if you’re in charge of caring for an aging parent, you know this all too well. As younger adults, we are definitely more in tune with the benefits of things like yoga, proper eye health, the crucial aspects of a healthy diet, and the importance of working on our memory and focus, as we started them at a younger age. We are also more involved with technological advancements than most of our parents are. We can take our knowledge and can really help them to live more successful and connected, safer lives. Here are four tech tools that can help your aging parents live better and healthier.

Ring Doorbell

If your parents’ hearing is going, they might not hear their normal doorbell anymore. So, it might be time to upgrade their entire doorbell and alarm system. With technology advancing and video security reaching all-time highs, it is important to make sure they are protected and safe. The Ring company has so many options for all of those wants and needs. Video doorbells they can see from their phone, tablet, or PC to check in on who is at the door, smart lighting systems for their walkways and porches, and even a home alarm system – Ring has them covered.

Tremor Education

Many aging individuals struggle with essential tremor, a nervous system disorder that’s characterized by involuntary, rhythmic shaking. There are technology tools that can help. For example, the Cala Trio wristband from Cala Health is a treatment for hand tremor. The tool delivers electrical stimulation to the nerves in the wrist and into the section of the brain that is responsible for the hand tremors. Check out Cala Health’s essential tremor resource center to learn more about this personalized essential tremor therapy option.

Voice Activated Speakers

Sometimes teaching parents new technology routines can be difficult. They aren’t sure what to press, and once you are gone, they can’t recreate what you did, rendering the product virtually useless. The Google Home set up is a good option if you want them to be able access apps, controls, and things of the like, with just their voice. You can even write down what they need to say out loud to the systems, to help them remember how to access the functions.

Alert Necklace

Ok, we know you have seen those Life Alert commercials for decades now, and you have never thought you or anyone you know would need one. But that time has come to seriously consider getting one for your parents. If they are adamant on staying in their home, and not moving in with you, a family member, or into an assisted living center, all it takes is one minor fall for them to no longer feel secure in their home. The Life Alert systems save someone’s life from catastrophe on an average of every 11 minutes. The alert pendant can be worn on a band around the wrist or around the neck. The batteries in the device last for 7 years so they never need charging, and it is fully waterproof, meaning they can wear it anywhere in their home, and have access to help at just the push of a button. Plus, their dispatching service is available 24/7 and able to call to get them help instantly! The peace of mind you and your parents will feel makes this a device that you will truly never regret getting.

Each one of these items can significantly help your parents as they get older, and ultimately, these tools will give you the peace of mind you need as you continue to take care of your aging loved ones.