4 Ways to Consciously Gather

conscious gathering

At a cacao ceremony I went to recently, I felt a deep communion with the dozen or so people I was with that felt like an ancient feeling of gathering and being in tribes. This is something I have felt even more magnified at small intentional festival gatherings.

This is something that we have largely lost in the sense of gathering for a uplifting, lucid, and heart-centered purposes. Getting together to go drinking alcohol or seeing people playing sports can at some level seem like unifying experiences, but they lack the depth, sacredness, healing, and elevated feelings that you can feel when you see the sun, that giver of life, set below the horizon while dozens of people drum and sing from their hearts.

I hope for us all to feel the richness of life that we can experience if we are open to it. By consciously gathering, we open up to feeling unity and love on a level we may not have ever felt it before. Get a few of your friends together for a conscious gathering and see what alchemical magic you can co-create.

By consciously gathering, we open ourselves up to the opportunity to experience massive shifts within ourselves. These shifts help to elevate and deepen our lives and are magnified when we create a unified field of consciousness in a group setting.

There are many ways that you can consciously gather. Here are some of my favorites:

Cacao Ceremonies and Kava Circles

Cacao and kava are powerful heart-openers. In life, there are struggles which cause suffering. This suffering then leads to us closing and constricting our hearts so that we are not as warm, open, and loving. An easy way to open up your heart again is by making a cacao or kava brew and drinking it with a select few people who all set an intention for heart-opening healing. Your consciousness will expand and your energy will raise.

Group Meditations

Meditation is usually considered a practice of one. However, you can get together with others to create a powerful field of intention that is magnified when there are more people that are a part of it. This is why mass meditations for a single intention, such as peace, can be so profound and effective.


Rhythm plays a big role in firing up the circuits which lead us to transformation and consciousness expansion. Get a bunch of people drumming together and you will sync with them in the same way humans have done for millenia. Drumming with a group reduces stress, puts you in the flow state, increases a sense of togetherness, and opens you up to receiving divine energies that permeate all things. By generating a sense of oneness with people in the group and with the whole universe, you can ignite a profound spiritual experience. Before the individualistic and self-absorbed consciousness emerged within the human collective experience, a tribal consciousness was more in tune with the bicameral mind. This allowed for group drumming to even send them into altered states of consciousness and experience travel through different dimensions of reality.

Heart Songs

A heart song is a song that flows straight from your heart. You are not thinking about how to put words together in a way that makes a coherent story and you are not trying to make words rhyme. You are simply allowing words and tones to express the vibrational energy you feel within your inner being. When we gather together with others with the intention of honoring what is in our hearts, we develop a deep communion with others part of the field being created. Singing along with others to heart songs is similar to devotional singing as in kirtan. You may even find yourself releasing trapped emotions during heart songs by crying or laughing. This way of consciously gathering can trigger deep healing for you and everyone in the group.