5 Must-Have Items for Returning to the Office in the New Year

Since most of us have been working from home for the majority of 2020, we may have forgotten what it’s like to be in the office, to create a routine, and to be out of bed more than 5 minutes before we “clock-in”. Having a proper breakfast can be a game changer and giving yourself a deep breathing routine in the morning can be extremely beneficial. We also haven’t thought about the workplace stressors for quite some time or what you will need to have a successful return to the office. Don’t worry, we have your back!

Lamy Pen

We know most office communication is done digitally, but when you need to write something, a high-quality ball-point pen from Lamy is the perfect choice. It writes so dream-like, you will wish you had more things to write. You may even find that you are seeking out things to write just so you can use it. We totally understand! If you just can’t stop writing with it, maybe use it to write yourself inspirational sticky notes, or welcome back notes to your cubicle neighbor! Just make sure you put your name on the pen, it’s going to write so nicely, people are going to wish it was theirs!

Desk Calendar

Ok, a calendar seems like an easy one, and you probably already have a generic one that work provides you with. But, a desk calendar from Rifle Paper Co. is a perfect addition to your desk set up because it is beautiful and functional all at the same time. Plus, it is map themed, so it will really help to inspire you to see the world, once it is safe to do so again! You can admire the art while working (and while daydreaming about your next vacation).

Igloo Cooler

If you are like us, you got really used to being at home and getting a snack or your favorite drink whenever you want. A small cooler from Igloo Coolers is the perfect way to take your favorite drinks and cold snacks back to the office with you. It will keep everything cold all day long, so it’s almost (sort of, but not really, but we are being optimistic) like being at home with your fully stocked fridge. Igloo Coolers also has licensed merchandise, so you can rep whatever shows and movies you binge watched throughout your time at home.


Going back to an office means you will be able to get back to a routine. Getting back into this routine, will help you to get back on track with other parts of your life, too. So, if you maybe got off track from your goals outside of work, it may be time to invest in yourself and harness your passions. A Passion Planner will help you stay on track, keep your passion in focus, and aid you along your self-help journey. We know you are thankful for your current job, but if you are hoping to get more out of your professional career, a Passion Planner is there for you to take you from stuck and settled, to ready for something new.


If you got used to the quiet and solitude of your home office, we hear you (get it?). It’s no secret that most people focus better when they listen to music, podcasts, or just background noise in general. But, your coworker in the cubicle next-door might not be onboard with that. Getting yourself a pair of noise-cancelling headphones may be the answer. They not only have that noise-cancelling setting, but they also have transparency mode, so you can remain aware of your surroundings. That way you can stay focused, they won’t be able to hear your music, and you won’t be causing any sort of unwanted distractions.

Don’t forget, almost everyone is in the same boat as you with this, whether they want to admit it or not. So, allow yourself, and others, the grace that comes with re-learning, readjusting, and readapting to your new normal. You’ll be great! And remember, you have to wear real clothes and not your pajamas upon your return to the office!