6 Amazing Stress Busters You Need To Try Now

Stress is one of the most serious problems in the current high-pressure society. People of all ages have to experience high levels of stress, and it is having a very bad effect on society and the future of the world. Chronic stress has become a worldwide epidemic, and the majority of people on earth have to deal with stress in one form or another. Stress has very bad effects on our health, and it doesn’t only diminish the effectiveness of our autoimmune system, it also is a major cause of many serious medical conditions including diabetes, heart disease and depression.

Stress also has a very bad effect on our careers, whether you are doing a job or studying at school or college. Stress is a constant companion, and it makes us stay behind. Stress doesn’t allow us to work up to our maximum potential

Now, we know that stress is a very serious problem, but how do we fix it? Well, most people don’t take any action to reduce their stress levels, and the stress keeps building up until they need to use anti-anxiety pills and antidepressants to function normally. These meds also have tons of side effects, and they aren’t the best solution for stress. There are a lot of different natural methods of reducing and countering stress that you should know about. Here is a list of some of the main natural remedies for countering stress. Try them out before you go for any other solutions. 

Kava root

The Kava plant is a very effective remedy for curing stress. The kava plant is native to the pacific islands, and its extract is enjoyed as a beverage as well in Polynesian countries. The Kava root is also known to have some amazing effects for people who are suffering from stress and anxiety. It has been used in many instances to calm down nerves and reduce stress. Some people also use it to treat insomnia. The Kava root is easily available in any herb store, and you can use it to make a tea, or you can also get some kava capsules. The extracts of these natural roots have amazing effects on stress, and it doesn’t have any long-lasting or damaging side effects. One thing that you should be prepared for is that the root doesn’t taste too good. Even its name comes from the Polynesian word Ava, which means bitter. 


Theanine is another naturally occurring supplement that is known to have a significant countering effect on stress. Theanine is actually an amino acid, which is most commonly found in different kinds of teas. Theanine is one of the most effective natural treatments for stress. Many people use theanine for stress, anxiety, and depression. Theanine is also known to be effective in the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease. Green teas without any dairy products have been known to have the highest amount of theanine. So the next time you feel a little stressed have a little green tea. You will instantly feel calmer, composed and focused. 


Another amazing alternative to pharmaceutical drugs is cannabis. Cannabis is an amazing drug, which, according to recent studies, has a lot of amazing health benefits. Cannabis has also been legalized for medicinal use in the majority of American states because of these medicinal benefits. Cannabis is great for relieving pain, anxiety, depression and stress. In Fact, cannabis is one of the best stress relievers in the market, and it can make even the most severe stress goes away instantly. If you’re feeling stressed during the day, you should try out some cannabis sativa strains. These strains are usually energizing, and they increase your creativity and productivity. If you don’t want the psychoactive effects of cannabis, you can also use some cannabis extracts like CBD oil. CBD oil is a great product that has a lot of benefits of cannabis without any of the psychoactive effects. Go to shaded.co to get the best strains of cannabis and cannabis extracts.


Aromatherapy is an amazing natural procedure that has shown a lot of potential in relieving stress. In aromatherapy, the soothing scents of different essential oils are used to help ease the mind. Lavender essential oils are known to be especially effective in reducing stress. Different smells work with different rates of effectiveness on different people so; consider experimenting a bit with different essential oils to find the best fit for you. The scent of these essential oils works by affecting our chemical nervous system and triggering the release of stress countering hormones.


Another amazing way to cure stress naturally and get a healthy body while you are doing it is to exercise regularly. Exercise is a scientifically proven method of countering stress. When we do light exercise, a lot of different kinds of hormones and endorphins are released by our chemical nervous system, many of these hormones are actually stress countering hormones. For example. Dopamine is one of the main hormones that are released in the body due to exercise. Dopamine is a stress countering hormone that is also referred to as the pleasure hormone. But one thing that you need to keep in mind is that your workouts should be light because hard workouts that work the body to the limit can actually induce stress in your body. Stress is actually the body’s natural response to dangerous situations, and when your body is pushed to its physical limits, it detects itself to be in danger. In these situations, cortisol is released in the body, which is a stress hormone. 

The kind of workout you do also has a significant effect on the kind of results you get. Simple weight lifting is not the best workout for stress relief. You should go for more fun and aerobic workouts like dancing, boxing or CrossFit. Pilates and yoga are also great options for stress countering workouts.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle

You may have noticed that some people are more susceptible to stress than others. Some people can handle very stressful situations easily, while others get stressed because of small problems. Mental maturity and strength do play a significant factor in this, but our lifestyle also plays a significant role in determining our susceptibility to stress. You should aim to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You should eat healthier foods and avoid habits that are bad for health, like smoking and drinking. The lack of certain vitamins and nutrients can cause a lot of stress for people, so make sure that you are getting all the required nutrients in your diet. Avoid eating unhealthy junk food. 

You should also focus on getting a decent amount of sleep and maintaining a healthy sleep cycle. According to professionals, you should be sleeping at least 6 to 8 hours every day. Improper sleep and insomnia are also a major contributor to stress and increased stress makes it difficult to sleep. So it’s a slippery slope once you go down this road. You should make sure that you get enough sleep every day. 

Light dehydration is also a major contributor to stress, so make sure that you get the proper amount of water every day as well. Taking care of your physical health also improves the health of your mind and your chemical nervous system, which is the part where stress hormones are controlled.

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