6 Healing Sounds of Qigong for Balance and Radiant Energy – FREE Event

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Amidst the uncertainty of this past year, many spiritual seekers are turning to timeless wisdom systems to improve their lives and reconnect with their energy and health — including the ancient art of Qigong.

A regular Qigong practice can reduce anxiety and stress, improve sleep, support clear breathing, regulate blood pressure, improve body alignment and balance, boost the immune system, improve concentration, and much more.

And when you incorporate the power of sound healing into your Qigong practice — as Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners have for centuries — the benefits increase exponentially.

Faye Li Yip, a martial artist, Tai Chi and Qigong teacher, and Taoism practitioner shares the Six Healing Qigong Sounds, and explains how each sound corresponds to a correct mouth shape and breath practice, and heals a specific part of the body.

You can register here for Discover the 6 Healing Sounds of Qigong for Radiant Energy & a Balanced Body & Mind: How Qigong Combined With Sound Healing Clears the Path for Your Natural Healing Process

In this free 60-minute Qigong mini-workshop, you’ll discover:

  • The fascinating way Qigong practitioners in ancient China discovered the power of the healing sounds — and merged them with Qigong
  • The Six Healing Qigong Sounds, and how each corresponds with a correct mouth shape and breath practice, and heals a specific part of the body
  • How the healing sounds operate as stimulating mechanisms for the body — and can bring deep healing as you unlock a whole new way to breathe
  • The foundational Qigong breathing method of making the correct mouth shape for each healing sound, guiding the breath flow, and feeling the connection and vibration with the corresponding internal organ
  • A guided practice where you’ll make the healing Qigong sound Her to nourish your Heart energy

With deep roots in Chinese medicine, these Six Healing Qigong Sounds will make you more aware of the energy that exists within your body. They help your internal organs become more at ease, opening the gateway for your natural healing process to begin.

Over time, you’ll find yourself becoming happier and more peaceful, with a sense of tranquility no matter what’s happening in the outside world.  

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