9 Tools to Connect With Your Higher Self

How do you connect with your Higher Self?

Here are nine tools to help you.

Understanding What the Higher Self Is

You must first understand what the Higher Self is, which is the truest most expanded version of you. It’s the you that is closest in vibration to that which you would call Source energy, the God-force energy, Love, or the Universe.

Your higher self is a culmination of the entirety of your multidimensionality, including all the experiences you have had in this lifetime and beyond. It is expanded awareness connected to the Unified Field that allows you, when connecting to it and receiving from it, to perceive more than what you would be able to with just the five senses 3D reality. This is the source of your intuition and the concept of having a sixth sense.

Many who are extrasensory or considered psychic are in communication with their higher selves, along with other beings, angels, and entities that exist on a higher plane of Reality, but from whom which they are able to receive information and guidance from.

Believing is Everything

The next step is to believe that it is possible to connect with your Higher Self, and this will allow for the process of communication to unfold. The reason believing is important is because it helps encourage you to overcome the doubting thoughts of the ego, creating the space needed for successful connection.

Many who have been developing this relationship over a longer period of time may have begun to realize that their Higher Self is really just a higher aspect of them, as their truest most authentic version. As they have continued living, growing, and embodying here on Earth through various experiences, relationships, and challenges, they have begun to actually embody their Higher Self into their physical bodies more and more, realizing through this evolution that this has always been the goal. As we ascend and upgrade our physical vessels, we are becoming more clear and authentic, purging the old outdated programs and energy, and learning to hold more light, which is more of who we truly are.

Others may have become discouraged in their search for connection with the Higher Self due to having tried several methods to connect, which have either not worked out effectively, or have left them feeling confused or uncomfortable.

Beyond that, the reasons someone has not connected with their Higher Self may be that they do not feel they have the time to dedicate to a deeper spiritual practice, and are frustrated with the process altogether, deciding perhaps that it is not for them. However, when it is really for you, there is an undeniable soul urge that will continue to call to you, pulling you toward strengthening and deepening the connection with your Higher Self, true purpose, and intention for this life.

Believing in your Higher Self is important when it comes to strengthening your connection. It is a practice just like with anything else and requires some self-reflection.

But why is it important to believe, you may ask?

For example, you believe in electricity even though you are unable to see it, yet you will go over to the light switch and turn it on because you believe that it works. However, if you were to turn on the light switch and see that there was no light, your first inclination would be to say that there must be a problem and what adjustments could you make on your end to get the light back on?

Can you check the bulb?
Can you check the fuse?
Can you check that you paid the electric bill? :)

But you would really never think that it was impossible for the light switch to work in this scenario. You have grown up with the light switch’s effectiveness and you believe in its ability to provide light, and you would never question it.

It is the same with connecting with the Higher Self. You need not question your connection to it. You know that it exists. If you have trouble connecting at first, there are adjustments you can make, such as practicing meditation and strengthening your capacity for being still and internally quiet. Do this over and over until you are comfortable with it, and become used to the practice.

Setting the Intention

Setting the conscious intention is another important part of the process. Saying that you are open to communicating with your Higher Self will also help to strengthen your connection. Speaking directly to your Higher Self either out loud, internally, or in writing will allow for communication to come through with greater ease.

It may always be challenging for you, but if you keep up with it, eventually it will become familiar and much easier as time goes on.

Strengthen the Nervous System

You can also strengthen your nervous system, which will strengthen your auric field and make it easier to receive information from your higher self. Make sure it is regulated and that you have healthy tools to handle stress and integrate your trauma patterns. Somatic exercises and meditations can be very beneficial to help you achieve a regulated nervous system. Other tools to support the nervous system include, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) tapping, receiving enough Vitamin B, getting enough sunlight, and getting into a creative flow state with art, music, dance etc. Breathwork can also be beneficial but make sure that you are starting off slow with long, deep breathing to ensure that your body is receptive to it, before advancing to a more vigorous practice like the Breath of Fire. The Square Breath is also a wonderful technique for these purposes.

Detox for Better Communication

The pineal gland is believed to be the source of your visionary capabilities, when it is calcified it makes it difficult for it to work effectively and for you to connect with your Higher Self. The good news is you can detox it using several methods mentioned in the  link above.

Fluoride that is found in a high concentration such as in some conventional tooth pastes and municipal water supplies is a major cause of the pineal gland becoming calcified.  Detoxing from and reducing your exposure to this substance will help you to make the pineal gland more malleable over time and therefore opening up your visionary center for better contact and connection with your Higher Self.


Hypnosis with a practitioner you trust and resonate with is another method to help you become more aware of the connection with your Higher Self. Modalities such as past life regressions with Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, Beyond Quantum Healing, and Introspective Hypnosis are some examples. You will have a broader understanding of your connection to your Higher Self and how to communicate with it during your sessions, and from then on the connection is often noticeably strengthened.

Strengthen Your Aura & Awareness

Strengthening your awareness and becoming more aware of what you consume on a regular basis is another helpful practice. In regards to food, products with high amounts of caffeine will cause the mind to become noisy and the body agitated, making it more difficult to be internally quiet and connect. Foods with high amounts of sugar will do the same, so avoiding those things close to when you are meditating and communing with your higher self is wise.

Be conscious of the amount and types of entertainment you consume in your daily life. The images from that content also enters your subconscious and can cause your dreams and waking mind to be busier. Everything is energy, and paying attention to the energies that you allow into your consciousness is very important. Entertainment that is creating fear or violence is of a lower vibration and will inherently lower your vibration if you allow it into your space. When these images and energies enter your subconscious, they can cause nightmares which not only frighten you but also disrupt your sleep, affecting your energy levels for the following day.

Meditating at night before sleep can help to clear out the subconscious and allow for a more restful night. Another tip is to meditate early in the morning, which helps you start your day on a good note with supporting energies of mindfulness, slowness, peace, and calm.

It is worth mentioning that there are many ways to meditate. If you do not like the traditional method of sitting in a cross-legged seated position in stillness and quiet, then try something else.

Yoga is considered meditation as well because it combines focusing all the systems of the self, body, mind, and energy in a harmonious way. Dance would also be effective, as well as baking, crafting, or basically any activity that engages all systems of the self into a relaxing flow state where it is easier to access communication from the higher self, which can come in many forms.

Maintaining good spiritual hygiene is also important. Imagining yourself surrounded by protective light can help to strengthen your aura and make it easier for you to ensure you are connecting with only the highest and most pure energies available, including your Higher Self. Taking regular showers and imagining the water is cleansing you of any negative energy, blocks, and distortions is another beneficial practice. Utilizing sound therapy is another way to clear your energy and boost your aura, with singing bowls, tuning forks, drumming, and of course toning or singing with your own voice.

5 Ways the Higher Self Communicates

The Higher Self is able to communicate information to you in several ways.

For example the Higher Self is not limited to just speaking with words. It can also be a knowing where you all of sudden receive what feels like a download of knowledge that you had not previously had but you are now aware of seemingly out of nowhere.

The Higher Self can also show you a visual image, which you can then decipher with your own knowledge and intuition.

It can also give you a strong sensation feeling or urge which helps you to get clear about whatever it is you are focusing on.

You can even receive information through the sense of smell, which can communicate to you via the memory associated with that scent, which the Higher Self desires to make you aware of in that moment, or it can also be a new association created with that scent from then on.

These communication have also been described as the Clair Senses:

  • Clairaudience – Clear hearing
  • Claircognizance – Clear knowing
  • Clairvoyance – Clear seeing
  • Clairsentience – Clear physical feeling
  • Clairalience – Clear smelling

You may find that one or more of these abilities is stronger for you, but remaining open to the possibility of all of them is wise. You never know what you will be able to unlock as you continue on your path of expansion.

Distinguishing Between the Voice of the Higher Self and the Ego

The Higher Self is you as your highest truth. It sees a broader view of your current reality, and all the many possible pathways you may take to achieve your goals, which it helps to inspire. It does not criticize or force or manipulate in any way. It is usually found in the present as a gentle suggestion, or a gut feeling or knowing that you cannot ignore. The ego, on the other hand, is usually focused on the past and also the future, but in a pessimistic or fear-based way. The ego wants control and uses the pain of the past as its compass to direct the current and future reality.

Creating out of fear causes more issues that then need to be resolved. Creating from love, also know as the Higher Self, may not always be the easiest path or even make the most logical sense, but upon reflection it is always leading you to your highest good and your ultimate benefit.


These are all only suggestions, and of course none of them are required or mandatory in order to connect with the Higher Self. In fact you are likely doing so already in many forms, we are only increasing the awareness of this connection through these practices. What is important is to take the pressure off and enjoy finding what works best for you.

Remember, the Higher Self is always guiding you, and the more awareness you have of this, the easier it is to distinguish its messages from that of the ego. As you go, you will begin to understand your connection, and just like any other reciprocal loving relationship that you give energy to, it will continue to grow and develop.

About the Author

Ariana is a singer/songwriter/musician, author, Beyond Quantum Healing certified hypnotherapist, and a RYT-200 certified Kundalini Yoga teacher registered with Yoga Alliance. She has a true love and passion for music and facilitating spiritual development and healing for herself and others. She has taught many workshops focusing on kundalini yoga, as well as pranayama (breath work), meditation and mantra practices. She is a guide for spiritual development, while knowing herself to be a perpetual student of the the school of life. Ariana believes in living her truth, and striving to bring truth, light, and love into all aspects of her life. She happily acts in service of our universal family. She is planting seeds to awaken and expand the collective consciousness, in gratitude for this precious life experience. You can subscribe to her YouTube channel, follow her on Instagram, book a hypnotherapy session with Ariana here, or contact her directly here

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