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In the history of the collective as in the history of the individual, everything depends on the development of consciousness.

Carl Jung

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Shift started on March 13th, 2013 initially as a social sharing site of inspiring and thought-provoking content. Around half a year later we modified our platform to become what it is today, which is a curator and creator of content focused on conscious culture, spirituality, social transformation, self improvement, the nature of Reality, the environment, and wellness. In 2015 we established our first major social transformation initiative, the Shift Collective, which is a network of new paradigm culture creators. Our future plans involve the imprinting of a new paradigm living blueprint onto the collective consciousness. What this specifically entails if the creating of a conscious evolution and wellness retreat center (Shift Sanctuary) as well as creating a decentralized conscious community based on, among other things, Ethereum‘s digital blockchain technology.

We’re called Shift for a reason. We wish to anchor in a conscious new paradigm that’s founded on harmony, unity and balance. The collective consciousness shift has become more apparent for an increasing number of people as we move into a new chapter in humanity’s existence that brings with it tremendous challenges as well as opportunities. The choices we make in this delicate time of transition will decide our future for a long time to come.

We see immense hope for not only a bright future but a future that transcends all existing models for what we can achieve.

Shift thrives through social sharing. We’re on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Minds, Steemit and tumblr, with unique and exclusive content posted on each one in order to increase our outreach and influence. We’ve dedicated alot of time, effort, and money to create and provide transformation-focused content and promote conscious culture in order to create global positive social transformation.

There is almost a sensual longing for communion with others who have a large vision. The immense fulfillment of the friendship between those engaged in furthering the evolution of consciousness has a quality impossible to describe.

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

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We aspire to act as a medium and conduit through which people use their unique skills, talents and abilities in order to accelerate our collective evolution. We wish to create an interconnected network of New Paradigm culture creators and promote a more conscious culture so that it imprints over contemporary culture and beliefs that are out of sync with our greater Reality. We exist in order to serve an integral role in the positive social transformation of humanity and the bringing about of a more egalitarian society.

We are inspiring others to do their part in our collective movement into a paradigm that is anchored in balance, harmony and coherence with one another and with our environment. We provide a place for people to become co-creators of a world which is enlightened about the challenges facing humanity and working on solutions to them. We want to help individuals and groups work together in a way that benefits the whole of humanity.

We are here to help humanity dissolve the imaginary boundaries that have been created and help people realize the oneness and interconnectedness of everyone and everything.

Learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.

Leonardo da Vinci 

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Paul Lenda
Co-Founder & Director

Paul is a conscious evolution guide, author of The Creation of a Consciousness Shift, intentional evolutionary & celebrator of life wishing to provide an integral role in the positive social transformation of humanity. Paul has degrees in business and psychology, extensive spiritual practice, a drive for esoteric knowledge and wishes to see and understand the wider horizon of Reality. Paul has spoken at various shows, events and locations including the United Nations and has had his articles published in magazines and journals such as Mind, Body, Spirit, Edge Magazine, GaiamTV, Elephant Journal, The Mind Unleashed, Waking Times, Shift Frequency, and Finer Minds. You can contact Paul directly here or follow him on Twitter here. You can find out more about Paul here.


Aaron 2014 150x150Aaron Price
Co-Founder & Designer

Aaron is a web and graphic designer, music producer & paradigm-shifter that’s doing his part in the anchoring of the new paradigm of unity, balance & harmony. Beginning his awakening to the true nature of Reality at the age of 14, Aaron is driven to be a fountain of creative transcendental energy in everything that he does. You can contact Aaron through his website or directly via Skype at aaron.price54


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Ariana Mathieu
Co-Director & Editor

Ariana Mathieu is a RYT-200 certified Kundalini Yoga teacher registered with Yoga Alliance. Ariana has a true love and passion for Kundalini Yoga. She believes it is a beautiful practice that supports living a grounded, happy, healthy, spiritual life. Ariana has taught several workshops focusing on Kundalini yoga as well as meditation and mantra practices. She is a guide for spiritual development, While knowing herself to be a perpetual student of the school of life. Ariana believes in living her truth, and strives to bring truth, light and love into all aspects of her life. She happily acts in service to her brothers and sisters of the Universe, planting seeds to awaken and expand the collective consciousness, in gratitude for this precious life. You can contact Ariana directly here and connect with her on Facebook.