Creating a Team of Allies

In this time of transition from the old paradigm to the new, the shift will be most profound and accelerated if all of us working towards this common goal combine our efforts together. Through unity, we are strongest. This is why we look to align with other organizations that are doing their part, in their own way, to imprint the new paradigm consciousness. By creating an interrelated matrix of allies, we can increase the number of people who are aware of all the various work being done towards this goal which will assist in getting more done in less time with greater impact. We are always looking for other organizations to become partners and allies in our mutual vision of creating a better world. If you’re interested, please send us your proposal by contacting us. If you’re not an organization but would still like to get involved with the paradigm shift, check out the Shift Collective.

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Uplift Guide

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Uplift Guide shares uplifting news, inspiring stories, and amazing discoveries, showcasing all of the good news in the world. Come and see about how awesome humanity is! Uplift Guide strives to share inspiring, uplifting, and amazing content that shows the bright side of humanity.

Pure Paradise Living

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Ariana and Paul are an adventure seeking, digital nomad, and life-loving couple sharing content on conscious living, financial freedom, and adventure traveling. They showcase everything from freelancing and financial success strategies, conscious lifestyle guides, adventure travel tips and guides, holistic beauty & wellness, and more.

Wake Up World

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Wake Up World’s mission is to help consciously awaken as many souls as possible, by providing an alternative news and information source to the propaganda of mainstream media. With writers all over the world contributing to the success of the site, Wake Up World’s writers cover topics from Health and Well-Being, Environment, Esoteric, Politics, Survival, Science and Technology, and Animals. Connect with Wake Up World online and on Facebook.



Gaia ally

Gaiam TV is on a journey, both individually and collectively, seeking to reach humanity’s highest potential. The people that make up Gaiam TV come from a variety of backgrounds and life experiences, and the journey means something different to each of them. Gaiam TV strives to deliver content that resonates with the many paths taken. With a vast video and article library, Gaiam TV provides you with unlimited opportunities to empower yourself with knowledge, awareness and a choice in media. Gaiam TV’s content is designed to create an open-minded dialogue, and a welcoming space to explore your mind, body and soul.

World Summit

The World Summit is gathering changemakers from all over the globe with the aim of uniting us all, both virtually and physically, beyond our individual agendas to address the current social, political and economic systems that divide us all.


innerverse podcast

InnerVerse is an interview-based podcast designed to fuel your imagination with weekly inspiration. Join Chance Garton for conversations with high consciousness creators from around the world. Explore esoteric thoughts and metaphysical tricks with artists, writers, musicians, philosophers and more, as we share knowledge and wisdom on our quest for truth. Healing, happiness and hilarious hi-jinx are found here, so tune in and focus on your good intentions! You’ll need all the good vibes you can get as you create your greatest artistic masterpiece of all: your Life.