Amniotic Universe


The amniotic universe is an important perinatal experience that seems to be related to the primal union with the mother of a child-to be, to the original state of intrauterine existence during which the child and the maternal organism form a symbiotic unity. When no noxious stimuli interfere, the conditions for the fetus are close to ideal; they provide protection, security, and continuous satisfaction of all needs. The basic characteristics of this experience are transcendence of the subject-object dichotomy, an exceptionally strong positive affect (peace, tranquility, serenity, bliss), feelings of sacredness, transcendence of time and space, ineffability, and richness of insights of cosmic relevance.


The amniotic universe is a time of life that is ideally undisturbed by the outside world where all of your needs are met. Ideally, a fetus, sitting in an amniotic sack inside the mother’s womb is a time of pure being for each individual. However, other factors can come in to disturb this time, which can include include unwanted chemicals and toxins as well as an unpreferred emotional state of the mother. Experiences in this universe include both direct recollections of being in the womb “or in combination with symbolic experiences and other phenomena in which they are connected”. Thanks to the fetus’s intimate connection with its mother, most of the experiences from the Basic Perinatal Matrix (BPM) deal with a “lack of boundaries and obstructions”. This view of life then can also be interfered with by many events that may take place as a result of an unpreferred womb experience. Polluted streams or toxic air may represent a toxic situation that may develop as a result of the latter parts of pregnancy. Apocalyptic visions may represent eminent threat to a fetus that an imminent miscarriage or attempted abortion might precipitate.

Metaphoric Imagery

The imagery associated with the amniotic universe combines fetal elements with oceanic and cosmic motifs – floating in the sea or in the interstellar space and identification with various aquatic animals or with astronauts. Positive intrauterine experiences can also be associated with archetypal visions of Mother Nature – safe, beautiful, and unconditionally nourishing like a good womb. Mythological images from the collective unconscious which often appear in this context portray various celestial realms and paradises as they are described in mythologies of different cultures. Reliving episodes of intrauterine disturbances brings about the sense of dark and ominous threat and feelings of being poisoned. Sequences of this kind can be associated with archetypal visions of frightening demonic entities or with a sense of insidious all-pervading evil.


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