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In these times of social media sites turning into publicly-traded corporations that are first and foremost focused on increasing their stock prices and bottom lines, popular social media sites (especially Facebook) have artificially limited the “reach” of posts pages like Shift> to such a degree that only a fraction of people that “like” our FB page actually see any posts in their feeds that we post. This is nearly the equivalent of talking into the wind and something every Facebook age, no matter if they have 100 likes or a million likes, is currently dealing with. Facebook has limited links to articles directly on our website the most out of any other content we post on the Facebook page, making it so that as little as 1% of people can see them.

Given this is the unfortunate new reality of social media behemoths, we have turned to more creative and novel ways in order to bring in traffic to Shift. Out of everything we have done, our Minds channel has been the most successful and increasing engagement, reach, and views. Minds is a social network that is on the Ethereum blockchain, which means we, along with anyone else that creates and shares content on the site, can earn cryptocurrency. This is something that more up-and-coming social networks are also implementing, like Steemit and Onstellar. Minds is still early in its growth, having around 1.5 million users whereas the gargantuan Facebook has over 2 billion. Nonetheless, we are certainly in a paradigm shift when it comes to social media and engaging with people in the virtual world, and we will continue to see more developments in this arena including decentralization, web 3.0, and blockchain tokenization of all things digital.

With that said, we feel that with more great content to publish and share on Shift, the more people will be able to be aware of the wide array of content we have, as well as our network new New Paradigm culture creators called the Shift Collective, which is always looking for additional culture creators so we can create their own free promotional page as part of our conscious culture network directory. We are actively looking for article submissions and so if you are a writer that has something you would like to share with us that fits into any of the categories of spirituality, self-improvement, wellness, social transformation, conscious culture, environment, reality, or something inspiring, send us an email!

BONUS: If you submit an original article that has not appeared elsewhere on the web, we will send you one Minds crypto token once you sign up and follow our channel! If you have any questions about how to use Minds, feel free to contact us and we’ll help you out.

We’re going to be rolling out new types of content and resources in the coming weeks in order to play a more active role in the establishment of a new conscious paradigm. Let’s continue to being helpers of humanity and providing the assistance and support that we are able to in this time of turbulent transition and transformation.

With Love,

The Shift Team

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