Are You Practicing Lucidity?

Do you ever take time out of your day to stop and think about what you’re doing and what you’re living for? Do you like what you see? Simply put, are you practicing lucidity?

What It Means to Practice Lucidity

While some people are proud of reducing their lucidity, or do it because they believe it will take away the emotional pain they experience, greater lucidity is the true antidote to emotional wounds, and much more enjoyable.

To live lucidly, you are present and aware. Depending on how expanded your awareness is, you will be able to perceive more and experience greater or reduced lucidity. Mindfulness and awareness-expanding meditations can definitely help you become more lucid.

There are many specific ways to do this, and it all comes down to living your life as if you were celebrating your very existence itself. Being alive in the physical plane is an extraordinary opportunity that often is made fun of, or worse. However, when you are really experiencing this aspect of Reality in the eternal Now, you find yourself catapulted into lucid ecstasy.

How to Practice Lucidity

This is by no means an exhaustive list, and what works to help you get lucid may be different than it is for someone else. However, you will get a good idea by reading this list of how to practice lucidity and expanded awareness.

Some of the Earthbound activities I like to take part in to enhance my lucidity are:

  • Eating
  • Qi gong
  • Hugging
  • Drinking
  • Floating in water
  • Touching the Earth
  • Mindful tea ceremony
  • Long and deep breathing
  • Mindful cacao ceremony
  • Silent observation of the Now
  • Watching nature do what nature does
  • Synchronized breathwork with another
  • Transference of energy with a tree through physical touch

You would be surprised what such simple activities can do to increase your lucidity. If you want to stop living a shadow of what you can be and experience the wider horizon of Reality, you have to get lucid. It may take some time before you are aware every time you start falling back into a drone state. However, soon enough, you will catch yourself going on autopilot and bring your consciousness back into present-moment awareness.

The more of you that you allow to simply be, the more clearly you can see. From this launchpad of lucidity, the world is basically your oyster. You are no longer being mostly run by unconscious programs that keep you in patterns that steer you away from abundance, success, and love. You are no longer sleepwalking through life.

When you are lucid dreaming you are aware in your dreams. The question is, are you aware in your waking life? Most people aren’t for most of it, and it shows. It also ties into why some people complain about how the Law of Attraction doesn’t work because nothing changes in their lives. Momentary and fleeting episodes of lucidity aren’t going to cut it. Like everything, energy goes where attention goes, and you need to cultivate expanded awareness for it to fully take root within you.

Wake Up From the Dream

We find ourselves existing in an incredible universe and Reality that can always give us what we ask for and line up with energetically. You can awaken from the dream and become wholly lucid, even when you are asleep.

You can even use your newfound lucidity to help transform the world into a better version of itself. Global transformation is a participatory act that requires as many of us pitching in as possible and doing our part.

Find what you are interested in doing as far as activities go to expand your awareness and increase your lucidity in the present moment. Combine it with mindfulness meditation (the sitting and closing your eyes kind) and take part in your favorite lucidity-expanding activities every single day. You will develop new neural pathways and reinforce those grooves so that you are conscious more than you aren’t. It’s a process but you will begin to notice improvements in your lucidity very quickly. From there, it becomes a positive feedback loop because you continue to see better and better results.

It’s time to wake up from the dream of unconsciousness and semi-consciousness, now more than ever. Do it for yourself, do it for the world, do it for the Whole of Reality.

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