Attaining Happiness by Knowing Ourselves


All too often, people look for happiness outside themselves. They search for someone or something to fill the void they feel they have within their being. Some fill it with money and physical possessions. Others fill it with friends and lovers. What such individuals should realize is that the place they should look in order to feel a sense of purpose and hope in life is within themselves. Being one’s own best friend and knowing everything and anything about oneself is pertinent to a successful and healthy future for oneself.

Acknowledging and facing any fears, inhibitions, dispositions, and ego-centric thoughts that one may have, he or she will be able to fully understand the mechanisms behind such forces and realize their effect on themself. There may be some hesitation or fear at first, and this is perhaps why many people do not form a healthy relationship with their own selves. This fear has to be melted away because if not, very little success can be achieved in a person’s goals of self-actualization and Self-realization. A realization of one’s true self can be made. That Self is the semi-hidden ‘I’ that exists as the reality that the ego pretends it is.

Once a relationship is mastered with one’s own self, then strong and healthy relationships with others are able to be made in a healthy manner and an understanding position of awareness. Without such mastery, relationships can crumble just as fast as they were built. As the hermetic adage goes, “Man, know thyself.”

The above was an excerpt from the book The Creation of a Consciousness Shift