How Do We Bring Back Wonder and Awe?

wonder and awe

When we were children everything was so magical. Everything we experienced was new and exciting. There was a supernatural feeling about things.

Now look at us. We’ve come to a point where it’s nearly impossible to not know somebody that is taking anti-depressant drugs…substances that seem to take them into a world devoid of the clear light of bliss.

There are so many questions..why did this happen? HOW did this happen?

What do we do to bring back the wonder, the awe? Can we once again feel the feels of discovering something new or having a new epic realization?

We don’t need to accept current reality as being unchangeable by us. We have more power than we sometimes we think we do. The secret to bringing that power to the forefront is to not allow the matrix of society to rob you of your vitality and freedom…seeing reality directly, as it is, behind the masks put on it by various shadows of control. If you’re already swallowed up by the system then you will have to make up a plan of action and get everything ready for yourself to become motivated and determined so you can change the course of history…your own history. Prepare for the journey back in time to a state where life was a constant wave of awesomeness and amazingness. If enough people end up doing this then a reality revolution will arise out the sea of possibility.

It’s completely worth it and we won’t know what we’re possibly missing if we never even try to get it all back and fly higher then ever.

A child is vibrant and full of energy. Their souls haven’t been drained dry by the archaic system that has taken control of far too many. Who’s to say that only children can access that reality tunnel? Somehow we lost access along the way between being a child and being an adult. Wouldn’t you be happy to know you can find it, once again?

Experience the consciousness of lucidity.

Try to discover and experience something new every day. It could be seemingly-insignificant or absolutely profound. Go outside or go inside. It doesn’t matter if it’s something in the physical world or in the ethereal worlds that meditation can take you to. The more you discover about Reality, the more surreal you feel it is. Among your discoveries find things that you can experience yourself and open up multiple future possibilities for yourself. All the new choices you’re going to have in front of you would not have been there if you didn’t initially go and explore the wider horizon of Reality.

With each one of your choices you redirect the course of your life and the way you experience it. You’re the one guiding this spaceship, cosmic baby. Feel once again what it feels like to have that sense of magic and bliss about life.

The greatest barrier to entry is saying you can’t or that it’s not possible.

Do not underestimate Possibility.