Build Your Kids A Living Playhouse That Connects Them With Mother Nature

It’s important for children to not only spend time outside but be encouraged to play and develop their individuality as much as possible. The sunshine, fresh air, and limited rules are all essential to making the most of the developmental stages.

Outside they are free to explore their personalities, roles in a social hierarchy and develop their unique voices and perspectives.

Having a swing set or trampoline or pool is a great way to encourage them to go out and play. Having a varied play area, in a safe environment is important to any parent. You can build them a cheap and truly unique place to launch their adventures.

They can even help it’s so easy. Below we’ll show how to build/grow a ‘Runner Bean Teepee Den’ and a ‘Willow Den’.

Runner Bean Teepee Den

You Will Need:

  • 8-10 Bamboo Canes (6-7 feet minimum)
  • A spool of strong gardening string or cable
  • 1-2 packets of runner bean seeds
  • A large roll of chicken wire (optional)

How To Put It All Together:

  1. Choose a spot in your yard to plant the foundation. Remove the grass from the intended area, forming a circle.
  2. Place the bamboo around the perimeter forming a cone or teepee shape. Leave space between two of them for the entrance. Fasten the top with the string or wire.
  3. (OPTIONAL) cover the structure with chicken wire or a network of strong string.
  4. Dig one square foot holes around the bases of the bamboo.
  5. Add compost or manure.
  6. poke two holes 1-2 inches deep at the base of each cane.
  7. Drop one seed in each hole. Fill the hole with water 2-4 times to saturate the soil.
  8. Watch out for slugs and parasites. Gently guide the main bean shoots to the bamboo. Keep the area clear of weeds.

Watch the beans grow and fill the space to form a roof. For best results plant in early spring. To encourage rapid and strong growth, harvest the beans regularly.

Willow Den

You Will Need The Following:

  • A large bundle of 6 foot, green willow rods
  • Straw (a lot of it, as it will form the base and will need to be changed regularly. You can also use natural weed suppressing mats.

How To Put It All Together:

  1. Map out the area you want to place your structure. Lay down the straw within the perimeter.
  2. Punch holes 2-3 inches in diameter through the mat or straw, where you what the rods to go. Make sure there is an entrance. Place the longest rods and secure the tops, forming a teepee.
  3. Use the youngest rods as a diagonal weave.

While the top will be open and exposed at first, the rods will grow to fill the gaps. Gently guide the growth and secure it with string if necessary.

This article has been republished from Higher Perspective

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