Cannabis Treatments in Obstetrics and Gynecology

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By Tammy S.

The benefits of using cannabidiol continue to expand and increase. With each passing day, women pass through many difficult and excruciatingly painful conditions. Some of these conditions have no cure; in others, surgery is the only option left to alleviate the pain. But with the cannabidiols, studies have proven that some of these conditions can be treated and the burden eliminated forever. Here is how cannabidiol is beneficial in obstetrics and gynecology.

Treatment of Endometriosis

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Endometriosis is a condition that affects women of all ages. Women suffering from this condition experience a lot of pain in their lower abdomen. This result from the lining of the uterine supposed to be inside the uterus, developing outside the womb. The condition mostly affects the pelvic region and in rare cases, other parts of the body. It causes pain, which leads to mental stress and can cause withdrawal effects.

Cannabidiol (CBD) has elements that aid in the reduction of pain with a considerable percentage. 

Research done by Dr. Abrams on Medical Marijuana and Endometriosis indicates that there is a 33% reduction in pain. Medical cannabis takes advantage of the CB and other CB2 receptors that reside in the uterus to induce its effects and relieve pain. Getting cannabis for medicinal treatments is beneficial as it does not have the expected severe side effects.

Improves Instances of Menorrhagia

Menorrhagia refers to the continued heavy bleeding during menstrual periods. This can be normal for some women in society while for others, it might be an underlying medical condition. Excessive bleeding leads to blood loss. As a result, many therapeutic activities and drugs have been tried out to offer relief for menorrhagia. In this case, medical cannabis developed from the Indian hemp plant aids in reducing the bleeding and ensuring it stops within a short period. One doctor experimenting gave only four doses of medical cannabis in the form of a tincture mixed in water. These were around ten to fifteen drops.

Enhances Individual Sexual Arousal

Research done on endocannabinoid concentrations in the body of a woman indicates increased sexual mood levels. The investigation revealed that there was a relationship between the cannabidiol taken with the physical functionality, i.e. sexual arousal for women. This was not conclusive, which means further studies are needed to develop a more definitive answer. Besides, it is crucial to understand the implications of understanding the biological elements that induce this form of sexual functioning for women.

Premenstrual Headaches and Pain

Headaches are common in women during menstruation cycle. These migraines are often treatment-resistant and can be disturbing. These are quite painful, and in some cases, can lead to temporary madness. Cannabis has anti-inflammatory properties and therefore, can be used as a pain reliever for premenstrual headaches. This is because it interacts with the parts of the brain responsible for inducing discomfort, enabling you, as the patient, to relax while at the same time reducing the level of pain experienced.

Treatment of Genito-Urinary Organs

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Before buying some medical-grade cannabis, it is essential to understand what cannabis treatments are primarily beneficial for a woman. The genitourinary organs include the urethra, the ovaries, and the uterus among others. Cannabis has been associated with the fact that they work in harmony when a woman using cannabis is infected in the area. In this case, these areas are affected by pain or are inflamed, then cannabidiol with anti-inflammation purposes deliver the desired benefits.

Morning Sickness

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Many women suffer from morning sickness and are even admitted to the hospital as a result. It can cause vomiting to occur in the morning, daytime, evening and even at night. Continuous bouts of morning sickness can lead to excessive weight loss. In turn, this can cause miscarriages and can be lethal to the mother. Cannabis has the essential oils that aid in improving individual appetite levels. Besides, it has no negative impacts on the unborn baby. If suffering from excessive morning sickness, you may consider using medical cannabis. It will give you relief within a short period. Besides, it will provide you with the opportunity to relax and rest for a while, ensuring baby growth is optimal.


Obstetrics and gynecology are essential subjects as they deal with the health of women in general. They ensure proper health for you as a woman and your baby. Therefore, taking the right amounts of cannabis can be tricky. Seek your doctor’s approval and dosage before taking cannabis as a treatment option. Also, ensure that the doctor has conducted necessary tests before recommending it to you. If you have a medical marijuana permit you can make your own cannabis tincture.

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