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Introducing my new website: Evolving Mandala

My new Evolving Mandala website is live! I'm very excited to share my new creation with you because it is my new website where you can find my conscious evolution services, conscious writing & editing services, transformational courses, guided meditations, my book The Creation of a Consciousness Shift, articles, and upcoming events.

I am now offering private one-on-one holistic life guidance, coaching, and conscious evolution sessions, via Skype or phone. Holistic guidance is an approach which takes the entire multidimensional being (physical/mental/emotional/spiritual aspects) into consideration and is a customized approach because everyone’s life experiences are uniquely different. I take into account all aspects of the hyperdimensional matrix when providing guidance, counseling, and coaching, which is something I see many "coaches" are lacking discernment or even awareness in, which can lead to them hurting their clients more than helping in the long run.

I help my clients overcome obstacles on the spiritual path, transcend perceived limitations, reclaim their power & energy, dream bigger than they ever have, and see how powerful and gifted they truly are, so that they can experience extraordinary transformations and upgrades in their lives.


I am currently offering free 15 minute consultations via phone or Skype. From there, you can book 1 or 2 hour sessions or enter into my mentorship program.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.