Conscious Shopping – Offering Conscious Products for Conscious People

It’s becoming more important than ever to make conscious choices in this world – and to make those choices count.

Whether it’s protecting yourself and your loved ones from toxic pollutants in everyday products, or choosing to take a stand on the issues that matter to you most, here at Shift we’ve always encouraged our community to be empowered.

Today we’re proud to say that we’re taking that mission one step further – and we’re delighted to announce that Wake Up World founder Ryan Mullins and SHIFT founder Paul Luminari have teamed up to create Conscious Shopping.

What is Conscious Shopping?

Conscious Shopping is an online store offering products that support living a conscious life.

Starting off with a focus on tools to gain insight, purify and amplify energy within living spaces, and improve wellness, the shop will continue to expand into all aspects of conscious living over the coming weeks and months.

Every week new products will be introduced to help you become pure in body, mind, and soul. Unique and exclusive products that have been carefully selected to ensure there is a high level of quality and safety in a world where these are challenging to find.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to completely avoid being exposed to toxic pollutants. With thousands of chemicals placed into products we either are physically touching, breathing in, or putting into our bodies, it often feels overwhelming to figure out which products are safe to use and which ones aren’t.

But Conscious Shopping will do some of the work for you, stocking only products that they personally feel are good for you, good for the planet, and good for our collective consciousness.

Support the Reforestation of Nepal

Conscious Shopping not only sells products but also plants trees! They have committed to funding the planting of one tree for every product sold on the website. Trees will be planted in Nepal – a country that has succumbed to massive deforestation in decades past.

This is why Ryan and Paul chose Nepal as their focus for reforestation efforts:

  • Severity of Deforestation – As a result of over-harvesting, forest fires, and agricultural expansion, fewer than 30% of Nepal’s natural forests still exist today. Yet in one of the most underdeveloped countries in the world, 81% of people in Nepal live in these rural areas and depend on the environment for food, shelter, and a living.
  • Gender Equality – Conscious Shopping has chosen to partner with Eden Projects, a reforestation project in Nepal whose workforce is made up of more than 50% women.  For many of these women, it is their first chance at stable employment. Women employed by Eden Projects are reducing gender inequality in their communities by running nurseries and sowing seeds. So far, over 380 local community members have been empowered with fair wages, and we hope to increase that number.
  • Wildlife Protection – Nepal’s deforestation has been catastrophic for its wildlife as well as its human population. Currently, 27 mammals on the endangered species list call Nepal’s forests home.
  • Expert Partners – To date, Eden Projects have produced, planted, and protected over 12 million trees in Nepal. We intend to be part of the incredible partnership that keeps this number going from strength to strength.

There is a counter on the Conscious Shopping website that indicates how many trees their profits have helped to plant. The more products that get sold, the more trees get planted! They are turning profits into forests.

It’s a novel concept I hope stores everywhere adopt because we all win when there are more oxygen-producing trees on Earth.

For more information, view Conscious Shopping’s commitment to reforestation 

Ethical, Affordable, Easy Conscious Shopping

At Conscious Shopping they know that price and ease of shopping experience are also crucial.

That’s why they offer free international shipping to 147 countries!

What’s more, they also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee policy on everything you buy from them.

Support Wake Up World Through Conscious Shopping

You’re probably aware that censorship is increasing all around us, especially on social media platforms.

The websites most affected have been those like our partners at Wake Up World – those willing to speak up in ways that challenge the dominant narrative in today’s world. Organizations sharing a different perspective on things have been silenced, suppressed, and censored on platforms like Facebook, losing significant sources of income in the process.

By purchasing products on Conscious Shopping, you can support Shift and Wake Up World and help keep us going and bringing forth other endeavors we have planned that will be absolutely paradigm-shifting.

If you’d like to do your part in helping Shift and Wake Up World continue our missions of helping shift the collective consciousness and co-creating a new conscious paradigm, head over to Conscious Shopping and grab yourself something that you feel will help improve your life!

Grand Opening Sale

Until the 16th of March Conscious Shopping is offering a massive 20% off their already discounted products. You can check out their Daily Deals section to see which products are currently discounted the most (minimum 25% off).

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