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It is through your support that we are able to work toward accelerating positive social transformation. As an organization, we wish to develop our finances in the same way we approach our goal of an egalitarian world – sustainably. To that end, we use all of our funds in ways that support our mission and generate diversified revenue streams. Some call it a donation; we call it an investment. By giving to SHIFT> you’re helping us create a world that founded upon wholeness, balance, and harmony.

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SHIFT> Bitcoin Address: 1CY4MgxS6dWhM4JYmnMPh71Rq3XkjWDYvo

To find out more about Bitcoins, how to use them, and where to get them, you can read this guide as well as this one. For the easiest way to buy bitcoins, head over to Coinbase.

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SHIFT> Ether Address: 0xbbf404f96467a69583e4770b5082d6be2397b7ce

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To find out more about Ethereum, how to use Ether, and where to get them, you can read this guide and for the easiest place to buy Ethereum, head over to Coinbase.

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