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Elektraglyphs are innovative modern art pieces accommodating a more contemporary style of interior design. Elektraglyphs are made with high quality materials consisting of a high strength moisture resistant acrylic, a durable metal surfacing material for the front face, and illuminated by color changing LED lighting. Have the option of a custom metal surface for each piece, choosing  from a wide variety of colors and textures (Please contact for more details).

The LED system is controlled using a touch remote, with a touch color wheel allowing for instant and infinite single color selection. With the WiFi controller hub and free download app, have direct remote control of all modes including dynamic color changing mode, as well as speed, brightness, and power using a smartphone or tablet.



Elektraglyphs do have a cord (not pictured) that may be concealed using a cord cover kit.  The cord cover kit can be painted to match wall color.  The cord may also be eliminated by having an electrician run electrical to where the piece will be placed.

Eletraglyphs are designed and built by skilled craftsman and artist Brandon Crone in Boulder, CO. Please contact for pricing.


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