Every Problem Is an Opportunity – Think Like an Evolutionary Solutionary

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It’s no secret that the world has some problems. The collective consciousness is confronting its shadows and seeing the damage being done to humanity and the environment. While this is an important part of the evolutionary process, it is only one step. Another is to look for solutions for the physical, mental, and emotional issues we are facing.

There are no problems, only opportunities. You can have a problem or solution-oriented mindset. When you think like an evolutionary solutionary, you are looking at the opportunities which exist within what people perceive as being problems. Looking at things as problems makes it difficult to overcome them and resolve them. In fact, being overwhelmed with all of the issues facing us individually and collectively can lead to us feeling apathetic, losing the will to do anything.

If you can see through the illusion of problems being too difficult to overcome, then you will not see the solutions that are there. Every problem, no matter how difficult it may be to resolve, can be resolved. Whatever you are going through in your life, or what our entire planet is struggling with, can be transcended. Of course, the more people involved in a problem, the most effort it will take to do so.

This is why we should be less focused on “fixing” the problems of the world and instead focus on our inner world, which is something we have more control over. Each one of us is just one person, but we have the power to be the evolutionary solutionaries of our own lives. We can dwell in possibility and overcome any problem we come to face in our lives. That power is completely within us.

On the global stage, every crisis has within it a gem of an opportunity. We just have to view things from a different position of awareness. Becoming angry and despondent at the problems of the world will be less helpful than becoming energized and invigorated. When we form coalitions, collectives, and alliances with others who are solutions-oriented, we can identify what opportunities exist and start manifesting the solutions.

Staying in our comfort zone when confronted with problems will not solve anything. Fear-based decisions will only keep us from having the courage to change our circumstances. No matter what excuses we make for ourselves, they are just that. They don’t reflect the truth of reality, which is that there is always a solution to a problem. Sure, there may be some problems that are more difficult to resolve than others, but that doesn’t mean we just throw our hands up and decide that our fate has been sealed.

If we want to become evolutionary solutionaries, we need to take on every problem we are faced with. These problems give us new opportunities to grow and evolve in ways that would not have been realized if something didn’t shake us awake to them. While you may still feel fear sometimes (especially initially) when confronted with a problem, the difference will be that you will have the courage to address the problem instead of hiding from it.

If others say something can’t be done, you know they aren’t telling the truth, whether they realize it or not. You shouldn’t live your life by what others think. Cherish the challenges, because they provide the greatest opportunities for growth.

Thinking like an evolutionary solutionary means thinking with a solutions and success mindset. In your mind, you will have already come up with at least one solution to any problem you may be faced with. You have courage to try something, which is a creative energy. Fear is a restricting energy that will keep you from progressing in your personal life and something that hinders our collective evolution. Let’s see every problem for what it is: an opportunity.