Fears Do Not Account for Miracles

Fears do not account for miracles…

You can know every detail of a likely future outcome and still be wrong about how it will unfold.

Sometimes things will turn out better than you can imagine, even if it doesn’t seem likely that they will at the time…

And even if you don’t get what you thought you wanted, it doesn’t mean this is necessarily a bad thing.

Sometimes it’s a good thing when we don’t get what we want. 

Sure, it may feel bad in the moment but I know we can all look back at certain experiences we thought we wanted in the past and feel extremely grateful that they never came to be. 

We are beings who grow through love but the most growth often occurs through challenges and pain.

Though this can be uncomfortable, it is all helping us to release what is no longer serving us so we can ultimately reach our highest expression of self.

The Soul’s Perspective

From our soul’s perspective, the more authentically aligned we are with that highest expression of self the better.

The soul is always protecting us and looking out for our highest good, sometimes in ways we can’t yet understand from our human perspectives. We will often repeat patterns and mistakes until we learn what it is the soul is guiding us to understand and transform.

It’s all a matter of perspective but I have found that the higher self is always guiding us towards our highest good, even if we aren’t aware of it. When we learn to listen to our soul urges, we are rewarded with greater alignment and are able to access more of our highest potential.  

A miracle is often described as something unexpected. 

A remarkable event or development that brings very welcome consequences.

Fear’s Tunnel Vision

Fear on the other hand has tunnel vision.

It only expects the worst given the information it has from the past and present. Fear will prey on your wounds and weaknesses of the past, placing fault and blame wherever it can to distract you and keep you stuck in its energy. It places all possibilities inside a box of what would be considered likely or possible, but there are so many possibilities beyond what fear can predict.

The Expanded View

Miracles are often something we aren’t able to perceive in the moment given the current situation and circumstances, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t just as likely to occur as anything else that could. 

When we drop into our hearts and feel that connection, it will guide us to solutions we were unable to perceive before when we were giving into fear. This may happen immediately or take time, which is why we must trust and surrender to the unknown, asking only to align with our best outcomes and highest potentials and timelines. Thinking of something that makes you smile or laugh is a great way to access the heart energy and align with solutions and receptivity. 

Furthermore, if you want to manifest a miracle you will have to release fear and acknowledge the quantum field. 

Understand your highest outcomes already exist and you are only lining up with them. 

Trust, Surrender, and allow things to unfold knowing whatever happens it will all ultimately be for your highest good as it is helping you to bring you closer to the truth of who you are. 

Choose Gratitude

Gratitude places you in the most receptive state to attract your desires. Gratitude journaling is an excellent way to get you into this state of receptivity. The same region of the brain that is activated by anxiety is the same one activated by gratitude. Studies show that the brain is only capable of being in either the state of gratitude or anxiety at one time. We can incorporate more gratitude into our lives, by performing acts of service and kindness, as well as allowing for the awareness of gratitude when in moments of self-reflection and creating connections and environments that promote feelings of gratitude. 

Free will is also a factor when others are involved in what you desire to create. It is then considered co-creation and their desires will also decide the ultimate outcome, but your intent has the power to attract and align you with those who are compatible with your desired outcomes.  

Ask For Help When You Need It

If you find yourself feeling worried about a possible future outcome, I find it is best to ask for help from your higher self, angels, guides, or whatever guidance you prefer. 

Ask them to help you align with your best outcomes and highest timelines and trust that it will be so. Ask them to help you believe in your dreams, because belief is the power you have to create. Because of the laws of free will on our planet, our angels and guides require our permission before they can assist us. Simply asking every day for your guides to help you align with your best outcomes  is a great way to connect with them and get assistance. 

The universe can assist us in many ways and one of them is through the help of others around you. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable and ask for and receive help from others is another way that you can potentially create your desired outcomes.

Remember: if you feel like things are going in an unwanted direction, you can always change something you are doing to empower you… 

Even something small like spending time in nature or practicing more self-care has the potential to open you up to new pathways for you to take. 

Redirect your focus and let go of trying to control. And remember to ask yourself:

“What if it’s all working out for me?”


By utilizing all these examples mentioned it may help you to align with your desires and create miracles in your life.

About the Author

Ariana luminariAriana is a singer/songwriter/musician, author, Beyond Quantum Healing certified hypnotherapist, and a RYT-200 certified Kundalini Yoga teacher registered with Yoga Alliance. She has a true love and passion for music and facilitating spiritual development and healing for herself and others. She has taught many workshops focusing on kundalini yoga, as well as pranayama (breath work), meditation and mantra practices. She is a guide for spiritual development, while knowing herself to be a perpetual student of the the school of life. Ariana believes in living her truth, and striving to bring truth, light, and love into all aspects of her life. She happily acts in service of our universal family. She is planting seeds to awaken and expand the collective consciousness, in gratitude for this precious life experience. You can subscribe to her YouTube channel, follow her on Instagram, book a hypnotherapy session with Ariana here, or contact her directly here

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