Fire the Grid 2

In 2007, there was a global meditation event called Fire the Grid that become the world’s largest mass meditation event, with millions of people participating. After 15 years after the original event, there’s now another Fire the Grid meditation on January 13th, 2022 at 11:11 AM GMT that will help anchor in what was started in 2007, resulting in greater peace, prosperity, and well-being for all sentient beings on Earth.

The Origins of Fire the Grid

The facilitator of the original Fire the Grid mass meditation is Samoiya Shelley Yates. In 2002, she drowned with her son in a lake and had a near death experience where she met Light Beings who told her how to miraculously save the life of her son.

Later, in 2007, the Light Beings came to her with a project called Fire the Grid. They said, “What you did for your dying son, you can do for a dying planet.”

They indicated that each one of us is an energy being, first and foremost, and that we, as energy beings, are attached to a hexagonal grid that surrounds and works through the planet. Each one of us has one hexagon in that grid. Nobody can get another hexagon. You have one hexagon and you’re either feeding that hexagon with light or you’re drawing light from it. So, every choice that you make counts and matters.

In 2007, she, along with the help of others, organized the world’s largest mass meditation event ever held with millions of people participating to reconnect the Earth grid to the energy grid of the greater Universe.

We were supposed to be the bridge that linked the two grids and humanity was unfortunately not doing its job. So, the Light Beings asked us to draw the energy of the Universe through us to the Earth to feed her grid, which was depleted so badly that she was in danger of disintegrating.

We succeeded.

In 2009, we gathered again, but this time it was to send energy back to the Universe and at the same time program the Earth field with our most joyful, peaceful, and abundant-for-all thoughts.

When we fired the grid again in 2011, we raised our collective field to assist the Earth as she entered a Light Barrier. We needed our energy field to be at the highest frequency in order to pass through without problems, which we did.


How to Prepare

This next opportunity during Fire the Grid 2 will help us continue to raise our own individual energy field in order to reach the Fifth Field, or what’s become known as “the New Earth.”

Until that date, and during the event, we can fire the grid individually by applying these principles in our daily lives:

  • Do no harm
  • Do everything with honesty and integrity
  • Find your joy
  • Do random acts of kindness
  • Listen to uplifting music

In doing these things in our everyday lives, we will pulse the energy grid of our bodies, and so we’ll positively affect the energy grid of our planet. We will also connect together on a constant basis at 11:11 GMT each day. For some of you, it’s in the middle of the night, but you can set your intentions to pulse your energy grid with love, harmony and joy every day at 11:11 GMT before going to bed, up until January 13th, so your higher Self will do the work when you are asleep. That way, we will create a huge planetary heartbeat of light. Imagine the amazing positive effect worldwide this is going to have on you, our planet and on humanity.

What does it mean to pulse the energy grid?

Well, your own individual body is connected to an energy grid that is composed of a massive number of hexagons. Each human has its own hexagon, and when you pulse your hexagon with the thoughts of your greatest human pleasures, joy, kindness, compassion, respect and then you say “Thank you,” you literally flood the energy grid with exponential energy.

We are living in a challenging time and we really, really need to unite. The Light Beings have told Samoiya that the project has been hastened and sped up because of the current events on the planet. They would like us to pulse the energy grid and prepare it for the next events.

Nobody can know for certain what the next events to transpire are, but what we can be quite certain of is that we’re part of it and we’re either working towards the New Earth or we’re working away from the New Earth.

It doesn’t cost anything, there are no commitments, and there’s no joining something. There’s just sitting with your joy, thinking about it deeply in your body, so that you feel it.

Whatever elevates you to the feelings of joy, make that your point of focus. You can feel into the joy of eating an ice cream cone or hugging your child or basking in the sun. You can feel it in your vessel, your body, your human suit, and then you can really connect with that joy, sitting for one hour. Then, you simply say “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” elevating your field even further.

That’s Firing the Grid! And that’s what the Beings told Samoiya they are encouraging us to do, in order to elevate the Earth grid right now.

Everything isn’t just going to be better overnight each time we Fire the Grid. That’s not how it works. It doesn’t mean the shift to the Fifth Field or any other big changes are all going to happen immediately, as far as the way we experience time in this density, but it does mean that we will have set off a chain reaction of events.

We, the people, the energy body that we are, have committed and connected to this field. When we commit and connect to this field with a “Yes, yes, yes,” we’re ready to be more than we are.

”Yes,” we’re ready to remember what and who we really are.

“Yes,” we desire to create an abundant, wonderful, sharing and kind world for all of us in the midst of everything we are in.

What do we have to lose? These Beings gave Samoiya this information before. Those mass meditations have all been very successful. They were incredible. Millions and millions of people participated and we didn’t even have social media at the time of the first on in 2007.

We didn’t have YouTube.

We didn’t have Facebook.

How did we do it?

We simply shared an email, and people passed it on. That said, if your heart resonates with this global meditation, spread the word about it with someone you love.


Fire the Grid 2

Flood the junctures, remember, become. Become who you’re meant to be. Stand in the adversity that we’re living in right now. Turn from that which no longer serves us and turn towards hope, joy and gratitude. See it in everything that you do. See it in the people that you speak to. See it in the eyes of another. For once, remember that you are a divine being in an energy suit, in a body. You can look in somebody else’s eyes and see that they too are energy beings in suits.

In the beginning, Fire the Grid left participants in the meditation to determine whether these Beings are so-called angels or extraterrestrials or otherworldlies, or simply pure ethereal consciousness energy that can actually communicate with us. We still do not define them. Use the words that make you feel comfortable.

On January 13th, 2022 at 11:11 GMT, we the people, get to program the next field. This is the first time in humanity’s history that we actually get to choose our next direction.

The Light Beings said it very clearly: “Unite in your similarities or you will surely disintegrate in your differences.” Our similarities are the key to this major positive change in our lives and in our world, for the future of humanity.


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You can also read a free ebook on Fire the Grid here.

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