Fractal Brain Theory & How to Start A Revolutionary Movement

The Fractal Brain, The Golden Ratio and AI

Everything in the universe at it’s base operating mode is fractals. It literally is the foundation for how the universe creates and self-replicates. The brain as a microcosm for the greater macrocosm is a very apt description. This provides an incredibly new useful model for understanding the brain and it’s functions and thus ourselves.

 “Know yourself and you will know the Universe”

—  Inscription in the Temple of Delphi

The recursive aspect of computation also help us understand sequence of events and how information is processed. Wai makes a tremendous start but I feel that the work of Karl Pribram and David Bohm is a valuable addition. Not only is the brain fractal it is quantum and holographic as well. The fusion of the holonomic brain theory with the fractal brain theory I think is an important step in synthesizing these two concepts in order to arrive at a superior understanding of consciousnesses.

Which takes me into the biggest issues I had with Wai’s presentation. He makes no apparent mention of the Fibonacci sequence or the golden ratio! I find this incredibly surprising as I believe it is key to understanding the mathematical laws of how fractals replicate. This is very apparent across nature. The spiral or the vortex is the sacred geometry of fractal replication. And this holds true of the brain as well. Visually looking at the brain it is quite apparent it is geometrically formed according to the golden ratio. Leanardo DaVinci discovered all geometry in the body can be reduced to the golden ratio. Also music in it’s best form is a Golden Ratio Log – Periodic Series. Even the life code blueprint of biological beings, DNA follows the golden spiral geometry in a 3-dimensional helical like fashion.


Now It is apparent Wai is very interested in artificial intelligence, and here I feel his superimposition of the binary model onto the brain is a rather gross over-simplification and a large miss-step purely for programming purposes. Pure binary trees simply are not found in natural systems.  If you look at the branches of a tree they don’t grow in a perfect symmetrical binary type way the way cells divide. They grow according to the Fibonacci sequence.


I think this important in terms of computational understanding of how the brain operates and organizes information. Not only do I believe it is not binary, but that it isn’t quibits either but goes beyond according to the Fibonacci sequence. I think this needs to be mathematically incorporated into AI systems then therefore as well in order to obtain a superior result. However I believe there may be some technological limitations due to the on/off binary limits of transistors. Perhaps quantum computing can break those limits. The computational power therefore of biological system appears to quickly out-complexify that of modern computing. This appears to put a hard cap on current AI potential. It is seductive to think the brain works like a computer with coded specified functional areas, however even there the brain has the ability to rewire areas in previously thought unimaginable ways.

Now I still think there is some rudimentary importance and meaning to the binary cell division process, but I feel it symbolizes the archetypal aspect of duality. However that duality ultimately manifests itself on the macro scale through the asymmetry of the golden ratio and not a binary tree. Everything from the swirl in a sunflower, the number of leaves on a branch, to the curvature of the brain, to the spiral of galaxies adheres to the mathematics of golden ratio and the Fibonacci sequence.

I still don’t quite understand the obsession with AI and singularity. Don’t get me wrong I think AI still has a long way to go, but I don’t believe it will ever be able to obtain the ability of self-reflection and contemplation. I seriously doubt whether a technological singularity is even possible, let alone desirable.  The way I see it the universe as god already is a singularity, so why do we need another one? I also don’t think it’s possible for a machine to develop consciousness, sentience or abstract self-awareness.


The thought that brains are basically a computer, even a quantum fractal one, and that that is replicable materially I believe is in error, because the source of our consciousness isn’t from the material realm, rather it is from a hyper-dimensional non-material realm. The physical biological brain is a secondary phenomena where the primary mind is non-physical. The biological brain is in many ways a reflection of deeper multi-dimensional processes. The work of Pribram, Dean Radin and Rupert Sheldrake show this all to clearly. Even memory itself long thought to be stored in neural networks appears to rather be stored in a non-physical morphic field of some kind. The neural networks merely tap that information much like a radio antenna tunes into a station. It therefore seems the biological brain is merely a secondary reflection of a much more powerful underlying form. I believe there is much we can learn from the biological fractal aspects of the brain, however in the end we will always come up short. The secret to consciousness lies in non-material realms where Radin, Pribram, Tiller and Sheldrake are looking.

To think we can artificially construct consciousness from the material realm is to miss-understand the very nature of consciousness and how reality is constructed in the first place. Consciousness produces materiallity and therefore no material AI system however complex could produce consciousness  Further elaboration of the fundamental nature of material construction by consciousness in my article There is no single universe

Grid Wiring

Grid pattern in a monkey brain
Grid pattern in a monkey brain

I found this part of Wai’s talk fascinating, and that is that according to recent findings the brain is wired in a grid like fashion and not diagonally.  I feel this has interesting implications from an electrical point of view.

The 90 degree angle appears to play an important part in the orientation of dielectric and magnetic fields with respect to each other. The underlying structure of most things in the universe appears to be squarish or grid like. This appears to be how the universe organizes and creates order on a primordial abstract level. The fractal cube process and the unfolding of it, is how the universe expands. The important thing to understand is that each layer can represent a whole other reality or level of complexity. The re is natural hierarchy that creates an order. The Seth Material goes into this subject with more depth. Please see my article on hyper-dimensional fractal cube reality.

Big Bang Cosmology

The Big Bang theory is the most prevailing scientific theory of the origin of the materialistic universe. However I believe there are numerous problems with it and that it would be best left out of any over-arching cosmology. There is so much we don’t know about the laws of fundamental reality that I believe many aspects of astronomy are on extremely shaky ground and outright wrong. In my opinion two key misunderstood components are light and gravity.

Fundamental to many of Einsteins theories is that of the speed of light in free space is a constant. There have been numerous reasons that this is not the case which would seriously undermine much of conventional physics. See Eric Dollard’s Theory of Anti-Relativity, Variable Light Speed theory, FTL, quantum entanglement & cesium light experiment for further info. Einstein also used a fudge factor and a large piece of the puzzle that is missing is the Aether or Zero-point energy.

Another major issue is gravity, which again we have no solid unifying theory for. Nikola Tesla had a theory gravity was caused by ~50x faster than light rays causing differential pressure zones in space. His theory is recently seeming more plausible than current ones and explains the nature of radiation. Tesla’s theory was that EMF light is a secondary phenomena and that there are primary rays we have not yet detected with our modern EMF instruments.


If the material universe didn’t come out about via a Big Bang then how did it appear? The Seth Material puts forth the notion it was like a dream that eventually became materialized. In this way I think we need to completely rethink our notion of how the material universe even exists, and that it is something that coalesces via a quantum illusion from other dimensions of reality. This process is fractal…however in essence there is no start point such as a bang. It’s a process of continuous unfoldment through infinite layers of reality. There is therefore also no end point either…no nirvana or heaven or ultimate singularity. The universe expands inward and outward seeking ever higher complexity and novelty to infinity. In the Seth material Seth states the universe or All That Is on all levels of reality roughly doubles with every moment. The universe therefore then grows exponentially and there is no end, however even this conception falls short in a universe where fundamentally there is no time and all action is simultaneous.

Schizo-Genius & Controlling Insanity

Wai puts forth the theory that there is a strong link between schizophrenia and creative genius. Here he is right on and I feel recent genetic research along with nutrigenomics can play an invaluable role in liberating genius. About a year ago I became interested in the latest in genetic testing and came across the work of Dr.Amy Yasko (video). She had begun genetic testing and with targeted supplement protocols has been able to successfully treat many children with severe cases of autism. Genetics are extremely complicated but nonetheless there appears to be an unofficial rate of recovery approaching 85%.

The interesting link I would like to point out here is genetic mutations on the COMT gene. To see my personal full-on genetic analysis please click here and learn more about how other genes such as MTHFR & MAO A also impact dopamine production. A double defect on the COMT gene causes a 3-4 fold reduced rate of clearance of dopamine, epinephrine and nor-epinephrine from neural synapses. This means individuals with this genetic defect will potentially have 3-4 fold elevated dopamine levels over standard. This effects the pre-frontal cortex in drastic ways leading to marked increases in intelligence. The flipside is they tend to run a bit more anxious, and under severe stress can go into outright shutdown. This is because adrenaline as a survival hormone does not self regulate downwards like dopamine does. If dopamine levels go to high, the body regulates the process and will cut off production. This can in extreme cases cause wide emotional swings which lead lead to bipolar-ism  There is a fine line with elevated dopamine levels and it is something that if you understand how it works can be managed appropriately if you understand your genetics.

An often downside is that other defects in the methylation pathway can impair aspects of epigenetics and hormonal & neurotransmiter production leading to adverse effects. The great news is with some basic genetic testing & targeted supplements one can eliminate many of the adverse effects, allowing people with suppressed genius to function more normally and at optimal levels. This is an exciting avenue of development.

I believe there are more people being born now at this critical transitional time for the human race that have these double edged genetic defects. They also tend to be highly sensitive to processed food and toxins leading to insanity, which is another red flag for us to clean up the planet. With proper knowledge in genetics & methylation these individuals could be an all powerful catalyst for the human race.

Emotional Centers Drive all our Behaviour


This I find one of the most fascinating aspects of Wai’s talk. Understanding emotions is the key to understanding how we as humans operate at the most fundamental level. All our beliefs are programmed in our brain at the emotional level. The exciting thing is the part of the brain that regulates our emotional beliefs is also incredibly neuroplastic which allows us to change behaviors by delving into the beliefs that underlie our emotions. The work of Allan Schore, Peter Levine and aspects of the Seth Material go into this most important area in much greater depth. This is an area I intend to explore deeper in further posts.

Symmetry ….Anti-Symmetry

Wai didn’t go into this explicitly but did mention it a few times. I think an important point to note here is that the fundamental nature of fractal replication occurs asymmetrically. This is why the golden ratio phi is 1.6180339887…….. to infinity. It’s not a whole number for a reason, and that makes all natural systems slightly asymmetrical. The fractal mirroring is self-similar but there is always a slight deviation, perhaps in size, color  geometry or another aspect.

You see if forces in the universe existed in perfect balance or symmetry, it would result in a stasis which is an absolute form of death. Asymmetry gives rise to imbalance which gives rise to motion. All forces in the universe exist in terms of dualities. I go extensively into this concept in my article on Archetypal Masculine & Feminine forces – the keys to creation. I feel this is a foundational concept in understanding the very nature of the fractal replication process and needs to be woven into the fractal brain theory framework. The geometry of materialization exists within this framework. The fractal brain theory is an extension of these primordial forces.

A cool analogue that Wai used in one of his presentations is the process of ice or snowflakes forming. The formation of crystals or ice starts with a small impurity in the water. If water is 100% pure it will not go solid even at really cold temperatures. This symbolizes the importance of asymmetry. It is through slight asymmetries that we get these beautiful crystalline structures forming, that then feed on themselves recursively to infinity. This encapsulates the basis of creation and the universe.

The Unifying Vision

Wai feels that the fractal brain theory could be what unifies all aspects of science, religion and philosophy. I really do think he is on the right track however I wonder if having a cohesive model such as this would accomplish such a monumental goal. I mean many different religions can agree on some of the basic principles of science, that doesn’t somehow magically unify their beliefs. Taking religions back to their mystic roots I think is instrumental and again Wai’s plan is excellent here. What we need to do is setup an alternative paradigm, one that contains more answers than the existing ones.

I don’t think the fractal brain theory is enough though. I think we need something deeper something more compelling, something that goes beyond an unknowable technological singularity. This is where I believe the Seth Material is key. The fractal brain theory and sacred geometry is an incredibly important part but what I believe is a grander vision of the future is one where humans realize their multi-dimensionality and begin inner communication with their multi-person selves, and often living outside the confines of linear time.  Other planes of existence will open up and our experiential capacity will expand to include a much greater spectrum of creaturehood. In some ways we will all become schizophrenic being able to see and interact with other dimensions and our energetic constructions however there will be an order to it. The other dimensions are the source for this dimension and offer experience that expand the scope of creative potential and synchronistic connection. For more on this vision please see: 2012 to ∞…a new Spiritual Paradigm.

The apocalyptic narrative I think is spot on and will be the framework for how this new reality and paradigm come into being. In how to start a revolution Wai really has a phenomenal idea. In further posts I hope to expand on many of the ideas he laid down in it so we can work towards the eschaton of this era.

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