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So you’d like to get involved by being a conscious creative? Great! That’s exactly what SHIFT> was created for.

Since SHIFT> is community-driven it thrives when many of us come together to share and support things that are transformational and awaken awareness to not only the incredible possibilities for humanity and ourselves but also expand awareness and inspire action by showing the present state of things. Together we can make sure our future is a bright one. We hold the keys to our destiny. Let’s unlock the door to a bright one.

What We’re Doing

Below are the current projects and initiatives we have going on that can use your help in magnifying their positive effects in the world. We have more on the way as well so check back often!

Shift Collective

The Shift Collective is a loosely affiliated network of changemakers and culture co-creators. Given the present day societal culture is still deeply rooted in emotions, elements, and mindsets that are opposed to the harmony of the environment we are from and a part of, we felt that during this time of transition we should do our part in imprinting a new paradigm culture. Individually we can make small changes but together we are far more powerful agents of change than we would be otherwise. That’s why we’re creating a network of people, organizations, and communities that are doing their part, in their own way, to imprint a consciousness that is in harmony, synergy, and coherence with the universe/youniverse. Your input will be the key to making this happen! More info and submission forms here.

Upgrade the Planet

Upgrade the Planet is a movement that was created with intended result of “upgrading” the planetary consciousness grid of which humanity is an intimate part of.  We are calling it planetary acupuncture. Upgrade the Planet is bringing attention  to the reality that if humanity does not collectively create for itself  a positive future through unity rather than separateness, our future  will be in jeopardy. We all share the same planet and so we all deserve  to live in a planet that is healthy and habitable. This project has a  vision of becoming a worldwide movement that is made up of people  creating intention pyramids anywhere and everywhere in the world.  To find out how to participate and get involved check out our Upgrade the Planet page.

SHIFT> Outside

If we are to see a more egalitarian society with a society full of people that aren’t maladjusted then we should promote social intelligence at least as much as we promote quantitative intelligence. There are many ways in which we can do that and we here at SHIFT> wish to initially focus our efforts on children since that is the most critical time in developing healthy long-term mental and emotional states. There is growing ample evidence that the shift away from promoting freedom of children playing on their own correlates with the increase of anxiety, depression, suicide, loss of creativity, and narcissism.

In order to make a shift towards a world where humans have increased social skills that are necessary before humanity lives like a more enlightened society there must be a change in the way children are educated (eg. forest schools, forest kindergartens, outdoor education). In order to veer away from the path of more standardized testing & homework, less freedom & autonomy, and more authoritarian control systems there has to be a renewed focus on expanding adventurous play and creative elaboration as these are things which will adjust children to become emotionally and mentally healthy and usher in the new wave of creative inventors, intentional evolutionaries, and progressive change-makers.

How are we doing this? More information coming soon.

Inspire Us

We are always interested in any great ideas you may have to get people involved in shifting humanity’s collective consciousness. If you have any suggestions or ideas you’d like to inspire us with, please contact us. If you wish to collaborate with us with any sort of project that involves the positive social transformation of humanity, please let us know!