Going Beyond the Astral Plane of Reality



Many people in the spiritual and conscious communities know about astral projection. While there’s a seemingly-infinite wonderland to explore and learn from in the astral domain, this is far from the extent of the non-physical sphere of Reality. There are dimensions higher and more subtle than the astral (5th) dimension and the ‘higher’ you go, the most abstract and mind/soul-blowing things become. These are dimensions invisible to physical sight and they are unquantifiable so science cannot ever observe or compact them into a box.

It wasn’t easy, but we’ve put together what we feel is as best as we could describe the indescribable. We hope you can experience these firsthand because there is nothing quite like the direct experience of the highest possible realms of Reality in existence. But before we attempt at doing so, here’s a guide that can take you into these higher dimensions of infinite Reality:

  • Use a deep relaxation technique (certain meditation methods) and then attain a full trance state
  • Stimulate all primary energy centers (aka chakras)
  • Use extra brow and crown center stimulation exercises
  • Raise energy through your entire body, through all your primary energy centers (chakras) in one smooth action to the crown center while breathing inward
  • Hold awareness in the crown center and feel energy flowing into there all through the inward breath and all through the following outward breath.
  • Flick awareness back to your feet and repeat at the start of the next inward breath.
  • Continue this for about ten minutes or until you start seeing colors or a tinting in your third eye vision behind your closed eyelids. Purple is the best color to see for this (sometimes noticed as the ‘blue pearl’), but any primary color is a good sign. If you see nothing, continue anyway.
  • Using your body awareness, generate a continual “Ommm” sound in your heart energy center. Then, slowly move your awareness of this sound into your throat energy center, and then to the third eye center, and ultimately, to the crown center. Let it spread and fill your entire head. Try your best to maintain this sound for a few minutes.
  • From behind your closed eyes, look for a distant point of light or a small pattern of light that is brighter than anything else you can see. Gently lock onto this and hold it firmly in your mind’s eye.
  • Shift your position of awareness towards this and feel yourself moving towards it. Feel yourself inside of it. Realize and feel a strong connection of spiritual/transcendental love with it. Love it with your whole being and wish to be there.

What awaits you past this barrier to entry, through which if you are given access to you will experience? Here’s a taste:

  • You never want to go back
    • This feeling is universal in the highest dimensions of reality. You never want to go back to the lowest levels of experience, which are the physical levels of the observable universe. It is impossible to wish to want to go back and you will only come back by your physical body pulling you kicking and screaming back.
  • Colors are surreal
    • The colors you see are so much more then they ever could b in the physical reality. To get an understanding of this, I suggest watching the film What Dreams May Come to see this played out on the screen.
  • Thoughts are expressed in true manifestations
    • Thoughts appear and disappear as solid kaleidoscopic crystalline patterns of living light and sound.
  • Time is non-real
    • Depending on which one of the higher dimensions you are in, you feel as if time either is stopped, or does not exist at all and never has there.
  • Reality is opposite of the physical dimension’s constants
    • Reality is fluid, kaleidoscopic, and abstract to the extreme.
  • Consciousness manifested into creations
    • The highest energetic frequencies are manifested into observable creations that are able to be interpreted by the mind’s eye as wonderful & fantastical beings.
  • Communication impossible
    • Meaningful communication with thought-words is not possible and not how it exists in the highest levels. Feelings of love, happiness, understanding, and empathy are how communication is done.
  • Peace and Love
    • The highest levels are filled to the brim with infinite and unconditional and universal peace, since these are the levels of consciousness that had manifested these dimensions in infinity in the first place.
  • Individuality is nonexistent
    • You lose all feelings of being separated from everything and everyone and individuality is lose. Oneness with the Source and all that there is in reality is your new true nature of understanding.
  • The Light of Source Love
    • There is an indescribable brightness of light that is not able to be described in physical appearance, but in the energetic vibrations of soothing, healing, pure, and Source love.
  • Reality is more real than physical reality
    • You experience the ultimate reality and therefore, you will see that the reality being experienced in these highest levels of consciousness is even more real than the physical reality you can touch, taste, see, smell, and hear. You will be forever convinced after this that the physical reality you are living in and experiencing at this very waking moment is not as real as these highest levels and even perhaps, a bit fake and created for a certain purpose.

I have created a 30-minute guided meditation for this powerful practice. If you would like to follow along, you can download it here.

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