Here is How You Can Reprogram Your Life

ice crystal

We are made of water. Well, mostly. Depending on how old you are and whether you’re male or female, you will be anywhere around 55% to 80% water. Even your bones are about a third water! Water is a phenomenal and little-understood state of matter that has incredible properties. One of its most extraordinary abilities is how it can be programmed. That’s right. You can literally program information onto water, using the power of your intentions.

Water memory is something that is increasingly understood by even materialist reductionists, although it was known about, and applied, for ages. More recently, Masaru Emoto had demonstrated that the very structure of water itself can be changed by what emotions and thoughts we are experiencing or projecting. Emoto came to the conclusion that water molecules are like memory cells and record everything that ever happened to them.

This also ties into cymatics, which is a fancy word for the highly-elaborate and geometric patterns that sound waves make and can be seen in physical form. Patterns like those found on a turtle shell can be replicated by sending a specific frequency through a metal plate with salt on top of it. This, then, ties into sounds like Om, which is a Sanskrit intonation/symbol/letter first mentioned in the Vedas as being the primordial sound that created this universe. That’s how powerful sound is.

Enormous Implications

Every word you speak, thought you have, and emotion you feel, will imprint its energetic signature onto the water of your body, which is everywhere in your body. Your heart and brain are two places with some of the most water in your body, around 80%. The heart and brain also emit the most powerful electromagnetic fields in your body. The implications are staggering. This means that we are constantly being way more affected by ourselves and our environment than we may believe.

All those violent movies, hostile songs, and low-vibed conversations we allow into our lives for the sake of being entertained or interacting with someone is having a detrimental affect on us, not leaving once we stop engaging with it. It will then take some intention-focused reprogramming of our cellular memory to write over the low-vibrational input we allowed ourselves to be exposed to.

Of course, sometimes, we are not willingly wanting to be in situations that are “negative” or feel terrible. In those cases, we should still reprogram over that harmful encoded information. It’s a process that can be looked at as part of our general energetic upkeep. You keep your home clean, so you should also keep your inner home clean as well.

How to Reprogram Water in Your Body

There is much more that can be said about this, but the gist of it is that you can reprogram water in your body by focusing on an intention. The power of your thoughts, when focused on a single intention, is extraordinary. There’s many different specific ways to do this, so I’ll share a general “tune-up” for your cellular memory.

Have gratitude. Do a gratitude exercise every morning, as part of your daily practice. You can either do this mentally or write it down in a gratitude journal. Gratitude is an instant consciousness-raiser. You can help your DNA unwind and relax, and take an eraser to the chalkboard of your water molecules.

Since humans are mostly water, we can consciously imprint expressions of higher consciousness over lower ones. Just like you can write over data on any computer-related data storage device, you can write over anything that is encoded into your cellular memory. This means that anything that may potentially be damaging to your health and well-being can be overwritten. Emotions that are trapped deeply in your body can be identified and released from negatively affecting you. With focused intention, you become your body’s programmer.

Stay mindful and aware of what you allow in and agree to be a part of your experience, because it will affect you. We all engage in things that may end up hurting us, but we can remember that we have the power of positive intention to reprogram our lives.