How CBD Oil Can Help You Fight Insomnia

The pressure that we face in our modern-day lives is a big reason that some of us fall
victim to insomnia. This condition can keep you tossing and turning in your bed from
one position to another to catch some much-needed sleep. Even if you try all means to
sleep, nothing works. It could really drive you to the edge.

An alternative remedy to sleeplessness is the use of CBD oil. Although this has not yet
received approval from the FDA, anecdotal reviews have recommended it as an
effective solution which provides relief sans the sluggish effects of OTC alternatives.

How can CBD oil help you fight insomnia?

The World Health Organization affirmed that the use of CBD, the second-most popular
active ingredient extracted from the cannabis plant, can result in less disruption of REM-
sleep. The other active ingredient is THC, a psychoactive compound that gives that
sensation of "getting high" when taken.

CBD can help you sleep and to remain asleep for good number of hours by promoting
the calmness of your nervous system. Unlike THC, it does not manifest psychotic
effects. CBD has shown that it helps prevent the breaking down of chemical
neurotransmitters in the brain which affect mental function, pain, and emotional state.

Such action allows for more of the chemical that promotes sleep to enter the
bloodstream which, in turn, results in drowsiness. Although CBD has shown its potential
in helping different issues and conditions, there is a need for more CBD research to
validate its efficacy.

Anecdotal evidence on the efficacy of CBD increases every day as more people confirm
that CBD products really worked. This has attracted many cannabis producers as an
opportunity to expand their CBD research. Take a walk around the aisles of your local
pharmacy and you will now find many CBD-based products available.

How does it work?

Several CBD researches have shown promising results. However, some emphasize
that there’s a need for further studies to fully comprehend how CBD affects sleep. So
far, what’s known is that CBD can improve sleep since it targets the root cause of
insomnia. In future, we may finally learn how and why CBD can help those with

The CBD dosage and the time it’s taken depends on several factors like your body
chemistry, weight, and the severity of your condition. When it comes to CBD, not all
people experience the same effects. CBD oil that may work for one person might be as
effective for others.
It’s recommended to start off with low dosages which you can gradually increase until
you reach a point where you feel comfortable. Many of the CBD research have shown
that most patients don’t experience immediate effects.

If you want to take CBD to help overcome your insomnia, patience is essential. Keep in
mind that immediate results are most unlikely. For some, it may even take several
weeks or months to notice any difference.

Are there any safety concerns?

There are minor side effects with CBD use. The most common possibilities that you
might experience include:

● Diarrhea
● Fatigue
● Changes in your weight
● Changes in your appetite

It is generally regarded that the use of CBD will do the body no harm. However, a study
conducted on lab mice raised some concerns about CBD’s potential in damaging the
liver. Furthermore, CBD may interact with other types of medications a person takes for
the treatment of other conditions. To be on the safe side, always consult with your
physician before using CBD.

Another safety factor to consider is the quality of the CBD oil. You must only purchase
high-quality CBD products manufactured by reputable companies. Also, since the FDA
does not yet regulate CBD, there are sub-standard or worse, dangerous CBD products
circulating out there which you should try to avoid.

The use of any sleep medication isn’t recommended by doctors for periods longer than a couple of weeks. While you can take CBD products or prescribed medications to
alleviate insomnia symptoms, it’s still important to find out your condition’s root cause.
Get a thorough physical examination done for a proper diagnosis. Doctors can also help
you change your sleeping habits or change medications.

Your doctor can give you the best advice before you start taking medications or
supplements of any kind, CBD included. The doctor’s expertise is important in telling
how to use CBD to improve your sleeping patterns.

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