How Committed Are You to Evolving?

How important is your own personal evolution to you? How committed are you to the process of flowering into the thousand-petaled lotus you can be?

Most people live simple and upstanding lives but don’t focus too much on evolving their consciousness as much as possible. It’s not necessarily that they don’t want to be the best versions of themselves; it’s just that they don’t want it enough. If they did, they wouldn’t make excuses like not having enough time or energy to dedicate to their own evolution and expansion. Are you making excuses for yourself that are keeping you from expanding your consciousness as far as possible?

In the Dhammapada, Gautama Buddha is recorded as saying, “Few are those who cross to the farthest shore. The rest, the bulk of people, only run up and down the bank.

If we consider the Big Picture of soul evolution, we can consider it to be a reflection of everything else. This means that that a large majority of souls are relatively new, emerging as little fractals of the Source consciousness and really getting “hands-on” in the physical realm in all sorts of ways. They aren’t particularly interested in transcending physicality because they’ve never experienced it before as unique Source fractals before and want to enjoy everything the physical world has to offer – the good, bad, and ugly. Others, more seasoned in the physical dimension, have already done all of that and look to an ever-expanding horizon of possibility. If you are reading this, you are one of those souls.

While your soul may urge you and nudge you to take notice of little “flags” it has coordinated with other souls within your life, to help direct you in a particular direction based on what it wanted to accomplish in your present incarnation, your ego self can always choose to ignore or reject them. This happens quite a bit. Usually, it’s due to us not being lucid and aware enough to notice those little signs in the first place.

However, our souls have contingencies set up as well. There will be more overt flags planted that couldn’t possibly be missed. Additionally, the “louder” these signs get, the more intense your experiences may become if you choose to ignore them. If your higher Self is really dedicated to a particular level of evolutionary progress, you may even get very uncomfortable when you ignore the signs.

When you do follow the inner guidance that is wise far beyond your ego self, you will soon see everything begins to line up for you and things work out easily. It’s almost as if the wind is at your back and you are hardly using any energy to create. Your life follows how energy is used in the ancient art of Tai Chi, if you want to put it that way.

I’m not saying you will necessarily be a cakewalk. However, it will contain all that leads to your multidimensional soul expansion and evolution. You will no longer be living out reincarnational Groundhog’s Day. Those “lessons” you kept seeing recur in your life will no longer be necessary. Your focus will be on fulfilling a grander soul mission. What you seek is no longer largely focused on service-to-self, but service-to-others. This doesn’t just become a cliché saying but a deeply embodied belief and motivation.

If you are reading this, then you have already made a commitment to yourself to some degree in consciously evolving. The question now is, how strong is your commitment to your own flowering? Will you become a thousand-petaled lotus bodhisattva who is dedicated to helping all sentient beings expand their consciousness and release suffering?

What Path Do You Choose?

Are you on the journey to crossing over to the shores of Enlightenment, or are you on the banks still along with the majority? You have already felt the pull to cross over, but are you making your way over, or are you getting caught up in the machinations of the matrix?

There is certainly no urgency to navigate the stormy seas, with their ups and downs of the ascension rollercoaster. You can live a basic life on the banks, and that’s perfectly OK. However, sooner or later, the inner push will become so strong that you will no longer be able to ignore it. Perhaps it’s because you’ve been repeating the same patterns over and over again for lifetimes and, frankly, your soul is wondering how many more times you’re going to be living Groundhog’s Day on the 3D plane.

The choice is ultimately yours. However, you will continue to feel an ever-growing push to become the great helper to humanity and to the whole multiverse, as a conscious creative being radiating with the Source light, showing a virtuous and noble way forward. Choose wisely.