How Laughter Liberates You

dog laughing

Laugh! Free yourself from the constrictions and restrictions your body and mind may feel. True freedom is when you are able to laugh at yourself in any situation. ..or at life itself!

Look at the Dalai Lama. He seems to laugh quite a bit. Look at the late Ram Dass. He was able to look at things in a playful way and laugh about them. Laughter is great medicine for the mind, body, and soul. People who are are unafraid of what others may think of them laugh freely. The freedom you enjoy when you take a more light-hearted approach to life touches upon the Cosmic Joke.

When you liberate yourself from self-imposed shackles, you will find that laughter is a natural byproduct. It comes up spontaneously. Why? You realize the joke is that what you have been searching for everywhere outside of you was within you the entire time. People have spent lifetimes meditating in caves to come to that realization. You simply have to laugh!

We waste plenty of energy on what we think others think of us. This constricts our energy and makes it impossible for our souls to shine their uniqueness within the world. We become carbon copies of everyone else. When we do laugh, it only comes when it is permitted. Otherwise, we put on a face, as if laughing and being playful is something only immature children do. However, children are excellent teachers in this regard. They are unbridled souls who express how they feel, without stopping themselves artificially.

I believe that laughter is incredibly important in our lives. When you experience laughter in a way where your entire body is involved, you are fully expanding your energy. You are at a higher level of consciousness, where your physical, mental, and spiritual aspects are all unified. You become relaxed.

When you look at the world as a stage, upon which a play is being co-created, you get to ease up and stop being so serious and pious. You avoid arguments that are ultimately pointless and fruitless. You can save you energy for elevating others and yourself. You get to be more conscious about the way you use that energetic currency.

The ego loves taking itself seriously. You can tell quite a bit about someone who can’t laugh at themselves or at life. The more playful you become, the less control your ego will have over you. You get into the flow state and the receptive mode. You will stop being so fixated on presenting yourself as a specific type of person, the mask you have decided to wear on life’s stage.

When you have a profound awakening, you will laugh hard at some point…straight from the belly. That laughter is at the Cosmic Joke. We were asleep for so long, giving so much of our energy into pursuits that were detours from seeing ourselves as we truly are.

Before we awaken, and even sometimes afterwards when we forget for a moment, we project illusions onto reality. We conjure up things that aren’t there, while not seeing what is there. The egoic mind creates explanations for things to feel the comfort of knowing, even though it is just pretending to know. It tries to make everything convenient and fit into neatly-ordered boxes of understanding. The ego screams out, “This is fine.” when it is not, because you are asleep. Everything is something with nothing is everything. You are Everything and Nothing. This is the hilarity of the Cosmic Joke.

Give yourself the gift of smiling and laughing for yourself. Stop giving out half-smiles when you pass people down the street. Turn into a laughing bodhisattva if you are feeling exceptionally liberated!

You don’t need to wait for a reason to laugh. Life itself is enough reason to let out a light chuckle or a big belly laugh. It’s a wonderful gift to give yourself. Bring the egoless state of laughter into your life more and see just how profoundly your experience of life will transform.