How New Parents Can Relax and Get a Better Night’s Sleep With CBD

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By Jessica Smith

Cannabis has been a new revolution in the field of medicine. With cannabis legalization in many states, the scope for research and accessibility of this miracle plant is slowly expanding. Scientists are constantly working to understand the various possible applications of cannabis to make our everyday lives better. Currently, the plant is under clinical trial for treating ailments such as chronic pain, depression, and anxiety. Various other research that is yet to reach the trials is also happening in this area.

As new parents, the blissful joy of parenthood takes up top priority. They tend to devote their entire time towards caring for the child, that, they often forget to take care of themselves. New parents are constantly sleep deprived. That leaves them exhausted and tired out of their wits. This would not only affect the health of the parent but could also start to affect the child. Among the various benefits to look forward to from cannabis, relaxing and calming the body is an important one. Recreational cannabis users often turn to this plant to enjoy a surreal high that makes them feel light-headed, relaxed and drift them into a peaceful sleep. Cannabis could be the sleeping aid that new parents might be looking for.

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Cannabis and New Parents

Unlike common knowledge, cannabis was, in fact, a widely used plant during ancient times. The sedative and relaxing effects of this plant helped use it as an anesthetic during medical treatments. A recent study states that cannabis can efficiently reduce the time taken for an individual to fall asleep. The subjects of the study involved a group of individuals with sleep problems and others with healthy sleep patterns. During the study, people suffering from sleep problems could sleep in an average of 30 minutes, whereas sound sleepers drifted away in less than 15 minutes after consuming Cannabis.

This type of effect can be particularly effective for new parents. The paranoia and overwhelming responsibilities tie up new parents from taking time for themselves. This wears them out throughout the day, while the fear of leaving the child unattended to all night keeps them awake. With cannabis, new parents can enjoy a soothing sleep to ensure they have the energy to take the next day.

How does cannabis help? – CBD to the rescue

Cannabis is, in fact, made up of a dozen chemical compounds that have varying effects on our body. These chemicals bind with the CB receptors of the endocannabinoid system. While the system is responsible for regulating various functions in the body, the interaction of these compounds stimulates it to function more efficiently. This way, your body is able to benefit from the plant.

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CBD is a cannabinoid found among the various constituents of cannabis. In fact, this particular compound has been of great interest lately. The cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant are responsible for the various health benefits we receive. These constituents determine the kind of effect we can expect from the various strains. For example, Indica strains are predominantly used to get a relaxing effect, that can help achieve mental peace and good sleep. This can be particularly helpful for people suffering from problems such as insomnia. Among the various constituents, are the two major cannabinoids, CBD and THC. The “high” the marijuana delivers to the body is due to the psychoactive compound THC. Whereas, CBD is primarily a compound that is responsible for delivering benefits, including relaxation, pain relief, anti-inflammatory effects, and sleep.

CBD can reduce anxiety in individuals. This effect can be helpful for new parents who feel overwhelmed from the birth and the responsibilities that follow. New parents tend to stress about baby care that leaves them nervous and anxious. This is among the primary reason why they go through sleep problems. CBD can help them cope with anxiety and relax their body and mind and help them achieve a good night’s sleep. In fact, CBD can be utilized by parents during day time too to increase alertness. In smaller doses, CBD can increase energy in the body and improve overall performance during the day by keeping a proper consistency of the sleep-wake cycle.

Also, new mothers often suffer from severe pain after childbirth. The pain keeps them awake all night and disrupts their sleeping patterns. Using CBD to mitigate pain, new mothers can achieve good sleep throughout the night. Another way in which CBD can help new mothers is by helping them cope with Postpartum Depression. About 80% of new mothers suffer from PPD. The separation anxiety from birth, the fear of not being a competent mother, emotional and physical changes due to fluctuating hormone levels, pile up to cause depression in many new mothers. While doctors prescribe simple sleeping aids to these patients, CBD can be of actual help to these women. CBD helps bring balance to estrogen and prolactin levels in the body, which helps to cope with the various symptoms of PPD. It also helps to regulate the hormone levels and sleep cycle, which can help in treating the condition.

What does the study say?

The interaction of CBD with neurotransmitters and proteins in the body helps it to regulate sleep-wake cycles, bring balance to mood swings, pain relief. While the scientists are yet to crack the exact way CBD interacts with the body, various studies show that the compound can actually help with sleep. A study conducted in 2014 aimed to understand the therapeutic effects of CBD on people affected by anxiety due to PTSD. The observations indicate that the people who consumed cannabis were able to achieve better sleep.

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Another study in 2017 aimed at inducing deep sleep using CBD. Rodents subjected to anxiety were the test subjects. The effects of the use of CBD was peaceful and deep sleep cycles in the subjects. With more research underway to understand the correlation of CBD and sleep, solid proof to back up its efficiency is yet to arrive.

Apart from CBD, the terpenes present in cannabis are also very useful for inducing sleep. They have a calming and soothing effect on the body through various properties such as the aroma that will help new parents get better sleep at night. With such amazing benefits possible from cannabis, you can even mail order cannabis if you live in Canada and utilize the various benefits of this amazing plant.

Important points to remember

CBD is currently under research to understand the various possible benefits, as well as side effects to expect from consumption. It is advisable to consult your doctor, especially for new mothers who are breastfeeding before using CBD. Studies suggest that there is no conclusive proof about CBD entering the baby through breastfeeding or its effect on the newborn. Some even suggest that small doses hardly have any effect on the babies even while breastfeeding. With more research in the area, it will be possible to arrive at a conclusive argument about the same. CBD is safe for new parents who are not breastfeeding as this will help them achieve better quality sleep naturally.