How to Achieve Sustainability with Smart Gardens

Using local resources is a basic element of sustainable economic system. Obviously their ecological costs are much lower as well, as there are no extra costs of transportation. Furthermore, people usually handle local resources with more care.

Using local resources means to use raw materials and energy sources available onsite, but it also means to produce the food locally. In the case of food production, locality is important, as the quality will be greater the less it has to travel. Locallized food production ensures people can have fresh food on the table regularly.

A new open-source platform called ENVIENTA supports smart gardens and development of them. Smart gardens are a modern method of food production. They allow us to produce our food in our closest environment while still using the advantages of automation of industrial production. Saving on the amount of time needed to work is saving, too. At the same time, automation of our own garden doesn’t mean the disadvantages of industrial production come along for the ride. We don’t have to give up on good quality or fresh products.

Smart gardens can be automated on different levels, but the central unit of all of them is a system. This system has three main parts: detectors collect data from the environment (temperature, moisture, ph of the soil etc) and conditions of the plants. According to the collected data, the central unit performs the orders as well as start, stop, and change physical processes.

Each process is done by remote-controlled tools, such as dispensers, hoses and other electromechanical tools. The system automatically provides the water and nutrient supply, harvests the ready fruits or vegetables, and even does the sowing or planting.

The heart of a smart garden is, of course, well worked-out software. It analyzes the collected data properly, sends a report, informs us about certain problems, damages, defaults and receives our orders and fulfills the tasks given. All these are done with an app downloaded to our smartphone.

We support the development of smartgarden and all other open source developments via things like the ENVIENTA Platform. This is a platform where developers, start-upers, investors, producers and manufacturers, makerspaces and buyers might easily find each other.

The ENVIENTA Platform is a novel platform works as a resource of open source projects which can be distributed en masse and put into immediate use locally and globally. It’s intended to a platform for education, where people working with open source technologies can collect and share knowledge and information according to their interests.

We are at a pivot point where we need to make use of all the innovative tools we have at our disposal like the ENVIENTA open-source platform so we can thrive as a collective species and shift away from the dysfunctional paradigm and way of doing things that is not only limiting humanity’s progress but failing it. Participation in the new paradigm is key to it becoming reinforced and solidified. Start making a difference by being a change maker.

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