How to Bring CBD to Your Daily Routine

cbd cannabis leaf

CBD is known to give out a gamut of health benefits, and people are buying in the frenzy despite it being controversial and not easily accessible.

CBD oil is a rather popular as an alternative medication for neuropathic diseases, like depression, anxiety, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. It is also proven to help deal with chronic pain. The approval of the only FDA-approved CBD oil-based drug Epidiolex given us the cure for Dravet and LGS.

However, as we discover simpler but equally beneficial benefits that can significantly improve our lives, we are starting to adopt CBD in our everyday routines.

CBD as a lifestyle is now easier to do since it comes in many forms – which aims to fit into the different needs and preferences of its users. This article aims to introduce some practical ways to incorporating CBD in our routines. And with different products available, you can surely find something that’ll fit your language.

As a health supplement

Firstly, CBD can be a health supplement. Extracting CBD from hemp has made it possible to deliver it in the form of a capsule or pill form. This makes it easier for you to take it alongside your usual vitamin intake every day.

You can also take CBD capsules with you whenever you travel. So, no need to worry about missing a dose wherever you are.

CBD oil tinctures are also good to incorporate in your daily health supplement regimen. The ease of intake makes it appealing to CBD lifestyle users.

If you want to try CBD first-hand then we recommend you check out these brand reviews for best quality CBD products before finalizing on a decision to buy.

To aid in your workout

CBD has anti-inflammatory effects which help our bodies deal with pain or swelling.

Post-workout, especially for beginners, we usually experience muscle soreness which keeps us from going back to our normal routine. CBD can help speed up our muscle recovery and relieve us from prolonged pain. [1]

CBD in this manner can also help athletes, or those who do extensive workout routines for a long period of time, deal with muscle swelling whenever it gets in the way of their performance. Among the other benefits that CBD brings to athletes are relief from joint inflammation and muscle stiffness, based on the testimonials of its users.

CBD topicals are perfect for spot treatment of muscle pains since you can apply it directly on the sore muscles via its skin surface. By then, the CBD oil will penetrate into the muscles. No need to wait for capsules to break down first and have CBD travel via the bloodstream to feel the effects.

To help you take care of your skin and hair

CBD oil has innovatively entered the skin and hair care scene with CBD oils and topicals. Because of its oxidative properties, CBD can help our skin battle free radicals that destroy our cells. Instead, it helps stimulate cell regeneration which then gives us young, healthy-looking, and fresh skin and hair.

Because of this, CBD is infused in balms, creams, lotions, shampoos, and even bath bombs. Other natural ingredients mix into CBD oil to further its health benefits such as essential oils and herbs. This makes an excellent way to sustain a CBD lifestyle since you can incorporate it into your everyday hygiene.

To help you relax

Perhaps one of the more prominent health benefits of using CBD oil is by bringing balance and calmness in our being. Its cannabinoids interact with our bodies’ own to assist in maintaining homeostasis, or state of balance, by regulating hormones, cell regeneration, and other neuro activities. It is a complex network of processes inside that helps our bodies stay calm and be “as normal as possible” in times of injury or imbalance due to external factors.

Vaping is a stress-buster for some, and knowing that CBD vape juice is already available is good news. Now, it is easier for CBD oil to incorporate itself into this kind of lifestyle. Be wary though of the risk of having respiratory problems because of the smoke that may cause more harm than good. [2]

To treat your acne

As discussed, your CBD oil has good anti-inflammatory effects which are also helpful in calming acne breakouts and reduce redness and soreness in the skin surface.

Meanwhile, studies show that CBD can control oil production, which in excess, can result in bacteria buildup in the skin. This also contributes to the worsening of acne or starting a flare itself. [3]

Some CBD topicals in the facial skincare line aim to address this problem by working with our endocannabinoid system and serve its purpose – balancing hormones, encourages cell generation, and battling inflammation.

To help you have a good night sleep

Yes, you can echo CBD’s calming effect to help you have a good night sleep.

CBD actually helps the body release serotonin. Upon activating serotonin receptors, our bodies can experience soothing and calming effects, which then helps us sleep well (and for some, for longer periods.

We know that our bodies are designed to work within balance levels of sleep and activity.  Relieving us of factors that affect our time for sleeping will allow our bodies to have enough opportunity to recuperate and repair itself. This is most especially important when we are sick or is recovering from injury.

To help you manage pain

Chronic pain management is where most of the clamor for CBD takes place.

Research and studies reveal that CBD oil has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects. Whether you ingest it like smoke, use it as a topical medication, or have it pass by our gastrointestinal stream, CBD is still effective in helping is manage pains, aches, and weakness that can affect our daily life. [4]

Among the diseases that CBD oil has potential positive effects in relieving symptoms and manifestations of arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, fibromyalgia, cancer, and migraines.

Great addition to coffee, tea, or everyday food

What is adopting something as a lifestyle without regarding food! CBD oil is actually soluble to most of the food and drinks we consume daily. This makes a perfect way to incorporate it as part of our lifestyle.

Is it worth it?

Adopting CBD as a lifestyle is more than just hopping on the bandwagon of hype. It’s a testament of trust in the promising benefits of CBD oil when it comes to improving holistic health.

Although there are limiting factors that keep most of the people embrace it, we can still see that it is still possible to do so because of the variety of CBD oil products in the market.

Take due diligence in finding the right manufacturer and product to make sure you reap utmost benefits from your CBD lifestyle. Ultimately, it is still you who can discover if it is all worth it.

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