How to Combine CBD with the Perfect Workout

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By Jessica Smith

On September 29, 2017, the World anti-doping agency removed cannabidiol from the list of banned substances. However, WADA insisted THC, another compound from cannabis, and which causes psychoactive effects, is still on the list.

In the same year that WADA lifted the ban on CBD, a medical marijuana pioneer stated that the hemp-derived compound has anti-inflammatory, anti-epileptic and antidepressant properties. According to David Bearman, cannabidiol is also an effective anti-proliferative and muscle relaxant. It is an excellent sleep aid and anti-nauseate.

There’s a good amount of anecdotal evidence supporting the claims of David Bearman, and Nate Diaz who risked his career when he inhaled a CBD vape during a press conference. It was from Diaz’s actions that the anti-doping body would review its policies on CBD.

There are also a handful of other NFL players, including Eugene Monroe that underscores the benefits of CBD on their performance and overall health. It seems that your favorite budget buds might be beneficial when working out. Here is what you need to know.

What is CBD, and in what manner can it benefit your workouts?

The cannabis plant has numerous cannabinoids or compounds, and cannabidiol is among them. THC is the most popular among them and is responsible for the psychoactive effects that make people feel high. CBD does not have the same results and is, therefore, safe for consumption.

The only reported side effect is dry mouth, and the users can usually fix it with drinking a lot of water.

Cannabidiol is now legal across America, and various companies have come up with innovative methods that include carbon dioxide extraction to extract it and use it on tinctures and CBD oil that athletes can use.

CBD works in the endocannabinoid system to regulate body temperature, inflammation, and the immune system. Our body may not work as effectively, and that is where cannabidiol can prove useful, and especially so for the people working out.

CBD and General Fitness

Losing weight

If you are among those people looking to lose weight and bulk up, then CBD is a good option. CBD affects the endocannabinoid system, which partly controls metabolism. The cannabis-derived compound works by blocking the CB1 receptors, and thereby reducing your appetite. Blocking the CB1 receptors does not have any adverse psychological effects.

Better Sleep

Having enough sleep is critical to a healthy lifestyle. It is when you are deep asleep that your body recuperates and that is important for the workouts.

Cannabidiol is effective in enhancing sleep. In a study, the rats that received about 40 mg of CBD had better sleep cycles than those that didn’t receive the treatment. The total sleep percentage was better, and the rats were well-rested after the treatment.

The importance of deep sleep includes the improved production of the human growth hormone that plays a significant role in various body processes during workouts.

Reduction of Muscle Spasms

The marijuana-derived compound can reduce muscle spasticity and relax the muscles to prevent spasms that are quite common after intense athletic performance or workout. The dehydration and muscle strain can cause nerve and muscle damage after an intense workout, and CBD can prevent that from happening. CBD oil can prove to be a useful pre-workout compound.

Anti-inflammatory and Pain Reduction

CBD is anti-inflammatory and can reduce pain associated with intense workouts and athletic performance. A study on rats has shown that cannabidiol can significantly reduce inflammation and pain. It is, therefore, the perfect substance for recovery after working out intensely.

Reduction of Cortisol Production

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Adrenal glands release the cortisol hormone when you experience mental and physical stress. Cortisol is an enemy of workout enthusiasts as it minimizes the growth of muscles.

However, as you continue to work out, the levels of cortisol produced start to diminish. However, it may take some time before the reduction process kicks in, and that is where CBD comes in.

CBD reduces the amount of cortisol in the circulation system, and you can experience muscle growth sooner. Cannabidiol can have the same effect on the muscles as testosterone enanthate, a popular workout supplement.


Research evidence on the effect of CBD when it comes to endurance is a bit sketchy. Various studies have shown that THC negatively affects athletic performance and endurance. However, it is a different case with CBD.

Cannabidiol can help with athletic endurance, but you have to make sure that you get CBD products with tiny amounts of THC. Check on this when you buy weed online.

Discomfort when working out

Anandamide is a chemical substance produced by the body when working out to reduce inflammation and pain. Cannabidiol prevents the digestion of this substance and therefore increases its power. You can consequently work out more, and experience less pain thereafter.


There’s both scientific and anecdotal evidence that cannabidiol can significantly help with athletic performance and exercises. CBD can help with cortisol production, reduction of pain and inflammation, endurance, and overall recovery. However, you will need to purchase CBD products with a minimal amount of THC.