How to Nourish Your Body and Soul

By Jane Sandwood

Good nutrition is fundamental for all levels of health, from physical to emotional to spiritual. With most Icelandic people taking dietary supplements, with or without a doctor’s prescription, the idea of the importance of nutrition has clearly penetrated our public consciousness. Supplements can improve our health and give us the nutrients that we need, but most of them have cons or risks few people are aware of. We can boost our nutrition for our spiritual journey with the use of supplements, we just need to understand what their ingredients are and whether or not they can be harmful.

We vibrate with what we eat

All our choices reflect our spiritual state; what we feel, what we need and what our attachments and unresolved matters are. Our hunger and our cravings, even our rejection of certain types of food, say a lot about our needs in every field, included but not limited to our spiritual balance. Inversely, by changing what we eat, we can contribute to heal our energetic problems and restore the inner balance that we lost in the interaction with the shadows and illusions of this world.

Spiritual Nutrition states that nourishing our bodies the right way will have a direct, positive effect on our more subtle fields. Sadly, most of the food that we access today has been too processed and replaced with artificial chemicals that do our system a disservice, so eating healthily has become more difficult than ever. This combined with an increased awareness of the importance of nutrition has led to the rapidly rising consumption of dietary supplements  such as vitamins, herbs and mineral complexes. But are they really as good as they seem? Can they help us realign ourselves with our spiritual roots and our higher purpose? The answer is, yes, of course they can, but only if used wisely.

Healthy supplements can help us align with our higher purpose

“Diet supplements” is a very broad term that encompasses a wide variety of things, from certain herbs and roots that we consume to boost the nutritional value of a meal, to pills created in laboratories with the stated intent of increasing our intake of certain nutrients. Here is the first thing we have to bear in mind: what supplement exactly we are talking about, and what it is made of. Some components have proven the be toxic or harmful for our health. For example, sodium benzoate is a type of salt that is used as a preservative in vitamin C supplements, but it has been reported to induce asthma attacks or anaphylactic shock. Another preservative is hydrogenated oil used to extend the expiration date of cheap supplements. Hydrogenated oils are high in trans fat, which increases your risk of cardiovascular problems.

Making the right choice means that our supplement intake will boost our spiritual awakening  process and help us better channel our higher essence. The direct effect of proper nutrition in mental health has been thoroughly studied and proved, from tryptophan – a serotonin precursor – playing a key role in depression, to sodium imbalance leading to dehydration that negatively affects our cognitive performance.

Keep it organic and free from toxins

Checking the composition of a supplement is just as important as being aware of its origins. It is true that more natural supplements such as powdered roots and selected herbs are recommendable, but just inasmuch as they are free from pesticides, herbicides and other toxic chemicals that will do way more harm than the good of the plant’s nutrients. Stick to organic supplements, Mother Nature has kindly provided us with all that we need to eat healthily and live wholesome lives.

In addition to these, pills and other supplements of the like can be a great addition, as long as you take the right dose and don’t assume you can eat junk food and make up for it with some vitamins. Supplements can play a vital role in a wholesome healthy approach to life, that includes taking care of both your body and your mind, and nourishing both with what they need for a happy and healthy existence on this world.

We don’t live perfect lives. This world is our creation, and as such, it’s challenging and forces us to take conscious action towards our well-being and the good of others. We have created nutritional supplements as one of many ways to help ourselves get what we need to achieve spiritual progress, health and happiness. Supplements can play a key role in helping us reach the right state to reconnect with the Source of all things and manifest It in this world. Take care of your holistic health and you will become the manifestation of God you were always meant to be.



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