How to Radically Welcome Personal Growth

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When we conjure up thoughts of enlightened sages of ages past, we may think they achieved that evolved state of consciousness by simply meditating under a tree or in a cave for a while. However, this is not the case.

Radical growth requires discomfort. You will never make a big leap if you do not take big risks or come face to face with your shadow aspects. If takes a lot of courage to welcome revolutionary growth.

Let Go to Welcome In

Let go of the past and go for the future. Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you imagined.

-Henry David Thoreau

We have to reprogram over all past beliefs which no longer serve our growth. Radically welcoming growth means not being afraid to let go of what we became comfortable with, if it means we will evolve past it. We make room for a new reality for ourselves by doing so.

It helps to change your perception of discomfort. Instead of seeing it as something to be avoided at all costs, welcome it. Discomfort is something you can alchemize to your advantage. When you get a negative thought about something, it shows you what you do not want. This internal discomfort you feel makes is clearer for you to know what you do want. What you want comes more into focus.

If you want your consciousness to flower into a thousand-petaled lotus of brilliance, you first need to get into the mud. Remember: no mud, no lotus. You cannot have the beauty of the lotus flower without the mud that it grows out of.

Dwell in Possibility

The mind is the most powerful magical tool you have. It is limitless in its potential for reality creation. Do your best to avoid using negating words such as can’t, don’t, and impossible. Your thoughts, when put into words, cast spells onto the fabric of Reality thanks to the power of consciousness. This is why it is called spelling. Be aware of what you are putting out into Reality as a thought and intention, because then you create a feedback loop where you receive what you put out.

Embrace possibility. Keep everything open as being possible. This will generate a tremendous amount of inner power that can drive you to grow past self-imposed limiting beliefs thwarting your growth.

Growth Can Be a Roller Coaster

It would be nice if growth was a straight and steady line into the future present. However, it is more like a rollercoaster. We generally experience massive leaps forward, followed by either a plateau or even a retraction/regression. However, the process of the evolution of consciousness overall is one of building upon what came before it. You shouldn’t be hard on yourself if you feel like you have regressed or “peaked” after having a tremendous amount of growth in a short period of time.

You will notice that the more radical a shift is within you, the more difficult it is to fall back to where you were. You can see the contrast and have the comparative awareness of how you felt before you transcended out of a previous reality into a new one. Once you get to a certain level of consciousness, it is difficult to regress back for too long. Your soul will urge you to nourish it with loving thoughts, words, and deeds.

Be a radical and ditch fear.

 Plato said it best when he remarked, “We can forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.” Avoid letting fear rule over you. Become a radical revolutionary and welcome growth in every opportunity you receive.