How to Stop Being Manipulated By Threats of Chaos

Chaos! It’s a narrative that is pushed by those who don’t particularly take a liking to humans. It’s something that is promoted as being true and instigated by malevolent and psychopathic individuals and groups as a way to manipulate humans into generating more fear and anger, which are emotions they believe to be quite savory for their purposes. As innately sovereign beings standing in two worlds (physical and metaphysical), we have to make the decision to become afraid or angry, or allow ourselves to be played in a way that enables those energies to consume us.

Ordo ab Chao is an old trick used for longer than any of us can fathom, be it here on Earth or elsewhere. As long as there is a capacity for an organic and sentient 3D interface like a human to experience a state of fear, it will be leveraged to achieve the agenda of those who have become very far removed from their Source sparks. It’s happening right now, and in a big way.

Nearly eight billion people on this planet are being held hostage (some may say this is close to being quite literal in certain countries right now) until they comply and acquiesce to being completely controlled and drained of all of their will to be free and sovereign. They want to turn fear into a virtue, keeping in line with their tendency to invert things.

So, what do you do? How do you stop being manipulated by threats of chaos? After all, once the current threat fades away like the ones before it, how do you prevent yourself from ever tangoing with fear and giving away your sovereignty in the first place?

Apply Critical Thinking

Even though ancient Egyptians used to consider the brain so worthless that they essentially threw it into the trash when doing the mummification process (they believed the heart was the mind, which has some merit and what I will get into below), it can be very useful in applying critical thinking. The process of critical thinking involves being able to analyze information in an objective way, and then exercising a reason-led judgment. You will evaluate sources of information, look at facts, data, research findings, and any observable phenomena.

To apply critical thinking whenever it seems someone is shouting about fear-based chaos rhetoric, considering doing the following:

  • Analyze data
  • Conduct your own research
  • Question the evidence and put it through a “stress test”
  • Identify and recognize potential patterns
  • Come up with your own interpretations based on your research
  • Make a judgment call

When we actually look at the hard facts, we can see they do not support the agenda of terror that is being steamrolled onto the collective consciousness.

Be Guided By Intuition From 3 Sources

Intuition can sometimes seem like an ethereal and abstract ability. However, you can look at it as being information provided to you by your heart, gut, and higher self. The heart and gut have the same kind of cells that are in the brain of your heart. The heart’s electromagnetic field is 5000 times more powerful than the one emitted by the brain, usually extends 3-4 feet out from the body omnidirectionally, and has an electrical impulse that is 40-60 times greater than that of the brain. It also sends more information to the brain than the brain does to the heart. That shows you just how helpful following your heart can be.

Your gut is the microbiome that is as unique as the neural pathways in your brain. Remarkably, our bodies have more bacteria than human cells. That shows you how we are experiencing 3D reality through the lens of two sentient interfaces…the human being and (good) bacteria. One bacterium on its own doesn’t have that much sentience and or ability to help you out. However, multiply that by trillions, and you have a group consciousness that can significantly help you out when it’s healthy. That makes it key to feed it a healthy diet of prebiotic and probiotic foods, allowing for greater intuitive clarity. The enteric nervous system contains 100 million nerves in your gut’s lining, acting as an actual brain. It’s a good idea to use it!

Your “higher self” or true inner being is the multidimensional aspect of you that transcends space and time, staying perpetually aware of far more than our simple human aspects can normally perceive. Connecting with your higher self and the wisdom and expanded awareness it has can be done through meditation, at first. This could be as simple as practicing mindful awareness, and then, once the mind is free of distractions, you can ask your inner being any question you want the answer to. You will receive a more unfiltered and direct answer the more you get past the ego-mind. I created a guided meditation that involves visual imagery to help you connect with your higher self within 5-10 minutes that can also help if you are having difficulty doing so.

All three of these sources of intuition, when used together, will help you get a very clear understanding/innerstanding of whether something you are being told is truth or falsehood.

Become One Less Person Who Can Be Manipulated

Avoid allowing yourself to be manipulated by the threats of chaos because only then can those forces that thrive on chaos have power over you. You now know what tools you can use to stop giving energy to psychopathic predators and misguided puppets. The more people that stop being manipulated by threats of chaos, the more quickly any of their insidious plans will fall apart.