How to Transform Your Darkness Into Light

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We all have shadows lurking in our midst. These are the byproducts of traumas caused by external factors and self-destructive actions caused by our internal egos. We sometimes project these shadows onto others because they make us feel uncomfortable. If we are not careful, the shadows will consume us and snuff out as much of the innate light that we have within us as they can.

With all the talk of light work, the idea of shadow work largely gets discarded because it is uncomfortable. However, growth requires discomfort. If we ignore the darkness within us and just focus on love and light all the time, we spiritually bypass and allow the darkness to grow while masquerading as light. This is seen all the time with spiritual teachers of all kinds who, at one point or another, have their shadows exposed in the form of scandals involving every sort of abuse imaginable.

Transform Darkness Into Light

As mystic Sufi poet Rumi once said, “Once you conquer your selfish self, all your darkness will change to light.” The interesting thing about darkness is that it has no source. Darkness only seems to exist when there is an absence of light. You cannot run away from your own shadow, but you can shine a light on it and make it disappear.

We can go through a process of inner alchemy and transform the darkness within us, those shadows, into light. Instead of being mad at ourselves that we have faults, we can light a candle and start the process of transmutation. No matter how consumed you may be by the shadows on the wall, you should hold hope within you that you can dissipate the darkness.

Confront your shadow. This is the way to get to your light. Every sentient being has the Source spark within them…they just have to find it, focus on it, and expand it within themselves.

The more light you allow to grow within you, the brighter everything will become in your life. Introspective meditation can lift us up out of the darkness perpetuated by the trauma and ego games we succumb to. Once you get a handle on what is holding you back from basking in radiant inner light, you can go through the alchemical processes of transmutation and transformation.

When you have gone through this process, you can become a way-shower for others. Your experience of transforming darkness into light is one of the most powerful things in your arsenal of helpful tools. Let your light shine so brightly that you are able to lead others out of their own darkness. Use the shadows as lessons, which can be used as examples of how anything can be a teacher, if we allow it to be. There is nothing which cannot help in our evolution if we choose to see how it can help us.

Shine a Light on Your Darkness

When you are shrouded in darkness, it is difficult for you to have the courage to seek the light. Do not be afraid of the darkness; that will only give it more power and control over you. You have to first be aware that you are walking in darkness; otherwise you will never see your light. Darkness maintains its power through fear. Dispel fear from your life. Be bold. Have courage.

As self-realized Indian yogi Tilopa said long ago, “One torch can dissipate the accumulated darkness of a thousand aeons.” The power you hold within you is not only to dispel the darkness within you, but to also help dissipate the darkness of the collective shadow. Transform your darkness into light. Do it for yourself, do it for humanity.