Increase Your Spiritual Health By Inviting Life Into Your Home

cute puppy

By Jane Sandwood

95% of Americans believe that their pets are part of the family. As the popularity and importance of pets in households has grown, so has our awareness in how pets and plant life in our home can have a significant spiritual effect on us. Plants offer physical benefits that can transform our spiritual lives. Pets can teach non-judgement and unconditional love while fish especially are known for reducing stress levels. Bring life into your home and increase the flow of spiritual growth.

Plants And The Air

Our bodies are stimulated spiritually by raising our consciousness and improving ourselves and our environment. Plants are a direct link between us and our environment as they transfer oxygen and breathe throughout our bodies. This has been referred to as ‘chi’ by ancient yogis and is the energy force present in nature. Having plants around the house can help purify your body and spirit by cleansing our energies and promoting a positive aura. When this positivity increases within you, opportunities for love, success, a better attitude, and manifestations are all increased.

Pets Are The Greatest Teachers

Pets are great at teaching us two things that are crucial in your quest for better vibrations, unconditional love and non-judgement. When humans discern between what they like and what they don’t, they usually factor in qualifiers that are toxic to our spiritual health or are not rooted in love. Pets make decisions based on if they feel love or fear, as these two emotions are the root of all feeling. This will help you see life in its simplicity and shed the extra. Pets also show unconditional love, a key component of spiritual growth. Pets welcome owners into their hearts without judgement or documentation. It doesn’t matter what you or your home look like or how much money you have, they love you unconditionally and are great examples of how to love and be forgiving.

Reduce Your Stress

Fish have become one of the most popular pets for reasons that may not be too obvious. Fish are some of the best stress reducing pets available. The peacefulness by which the fish swim and the gentle hush of the rocks and flowing bubbles have been scientifically linked to lowering your blood pressure and emotional strain. This stress reduction allows for a more clutter-free mind state as well as calmness and peace throughout your body. Fish also come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes and can even have psychoactive properties in their appearances that can ease the mind. Keeping and maintaining an aquarium can not only connect you with a living spirit through care and compassion, but also bring you the peace of mind you need.

Connect With Life In Your Home

Bringing plants and pets into your home has a direct impact to the holistic properties within us. Having plants to circulate oxygen and positive energies is a great low-maintenance way to start bringing life into your home. Other pets can teach unconditional love while fish and aquariums can reduce stress levels significantly. Make sure you bring some life into your home to strengthen your spiritual connection.