Infographic: 8 Tips For Going Organic On A Budget

Switching to an organic lifestyle has many benefits. Doing good for the environment. Eating healthier, more sustainable food. Doing good for animal welfare. Supporting responsible farming methods and smaller farms. And a whole lot more.

But we know what you’re thinking. Organic food’s expensive, isn’t it? Well, yes, it can be: sometimes it’s as much as 50% pricier than conventionally-grown food. You’ve probably noticed the price difference when comparing the cost of a non-organic and organic chicken, a bag of apples or a pint of milk in the supermarket. That higher cost is down to different reasons, including that organic farms need to employ more workers, organic food takes longer to grow and demand for it outstrips supply.

That doesn’t mean, though, that organic food is only for people who have that little bit of extra cash. Indeed, it’s very popular: In 2015, British shoppers spent an extra £1.7 million on organic food, with the top organic products being milk, yogurt and fruit and veg.

And far from being an expensive passion, it’s perfectly possible to eat nutritious organic food without getting a severe shock at the checkouts. Eating organic food on a budget is doable, but it takes preparation, planning and a bit of smart thinking. That’s why we’ve developed 8 tips for buying organic food and enjoying all that it has to offer – without burning a major hole in your wallet.

Once you’ve gone organic, we doubt you’ll look back. It has higher nutritional value than non-organic alternatives, contains fewer pesticides and isn’t genetically modified. Oh, and it tastes great.

Whether you choose to buy cheap produce at farmers’ markets, explore own-brand organic food or, of course, grow your own, it’s time to embrace the organic lifestyle and reap the many rewards it has to offer. Here are 8 useful tips for going organic on a budget.


This infographic has been republished with permission from Wizzcash

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