Intuition is insight into a particular matter and the knowledge gained of something without the use of reasoning or the five basic senses. Intuition is sometimes referred to as a ‘hunch’, ‘insight’ or a ‘gut feeling’.

Elements Involved with Intuition

We all have random experiences of intuition, but to actually induce this type of experience, to call forth this higher level of intelligence at will, it may take a little more practice for a lot of us. Based on research from field-studies conducted by Princeton University and other credible sources, in order to access intuition, many of us will have to develop the following:

  • The skill of being quiet mentally and emotionally so that there is actually room to listen
  • A less limiting model of Reality which actually allows the ability of the mind to perceptually skip across time and space
  • An openness to the outcome (play with intuition like a game)
  • Concentration
  • Open-mindedness about life (when we are biased, we tend to block intuition)
  • The ability to overcome our fears, doubts, our limited perceptions from past conditioning
  • The boldness to take small risks, more and more
  • Receptivity to receiving intuitive information
  • The ability to pay attention (perceiving from an advanced level of awareness)

In your pursuit for the experience of intuition, you discover ways to open yourself up to this unlimited insight. One of the most effective paths is to just have fun with it, play with it. You will be much more successful if you play with intuition instead of working hard at it. Many of the great thinkers throughout time would agree that every aspect of life is more enjoyable if you are operating from the “playground of your mind.”

Benefits of Intuition

As we begin to rely on this unified aspect and become more receptive to information received intuitively, we advance mentally, emotionally, and spiritually at a much faster rate compared to an individual who limits himself/herself to just information obtained from the five senses. This applies to every aspect of our lives (relationships, family, finances, awareness, happiness, etc).

There is a bank of greater intelligence that is accessible to everyone. This intelligence exceeds far beyond our limited personal reasoning. An example of the benefits of utilizing this greater intelligence could be a situation that occurs commonly in intimate relationships. Say for example, that an individual becomes jealous of their partner and they cannot figure out why or what to do to make the jealousy go away.

By being receptive to intuition, to this greater intelligence, they not only have a greater probability of seeing the reason that they are jealous, but also a greater chance at coming up with a solution to the issue. That is much more efficient than repeating the same pattern of being jealous until it finally tears the relationship apart and then finding ourselves once again in a new relationship in a similar situation.

Intuition Tips

  • Learn how your intuition speaks to you

Each individual has a predominate form in which they receive intuitive information. It may come through feelings, images, body sensation or thoughts. When making a decision, it is important to pay particular attention to all of these ways that intuition communicates with.

  • Spend time in meditation

Intuitive answers often come to life’s questions through self-reflection. Meditation is a way human beings have of slowing down enough to listen to the still, quiet voice of the higher Self. The answers do not always pop into the mind fully formed as one meditates. A person may find them slowly evolving into their consciousness over several days or weeks as they ask for insight.

  • Create positive self-talk

Pay attention to what you tell yourself about yourself and your life. If the general tone is hopeful and positive you feel better and are more optimistic. It’s easier to create a life you love when you give yourself affirmative messages and follow your intuitive guidance.

  • Look for coincidences and synchronicities

We often have serendipity occurring in our lives as a way to show us we are going in the right direction in life. As you trust your intuitive knowing you’ll find these synchronicities occurring more often.

  • Act on the information you receive

Developing your intuition is like learning any new skill. It’s not unlike learning an athletic ability. The more you practice the better you get at it. If using your intuition is new for you it may be best to use it in relatively low risk situations at first. This will help you develop your ‘intuitive muscles’.

  • Write down the guidance you receive

Whenever you’re facing a tough decision, write about it in a journal you keep for this purpose. Always jot down what your intuition is communicating. What feelings do you have about this decision? What images come to mind? Are there any body sensations that indicate a good or bad decision? Is there a still, quiet, inner voice that informs you? It’s helpful to look back at this journal from time to time to see how accurate your guidance was. Did you trust the information you received? Did you act on its wisdom?

  • Listen to your intuition

Remember that intuition provides quick and ready insight. It may come to you through a feeling, an emotion, a gut sense, a voice or a nudge to take a certain path of action in your life. It may lead you to new work, the right contacts for your business, or a book to read that opens a door to greater abundance.

  • Use positive affirmations

Clarify and write down your goals, visions and dreams. Write a short positive statement that sums up your goal. Say the affirmative statement several times a day. As you do this pay attention to any ‘intuitive nudges’ you may feel. This will be guidance from your intuition that indicates the best course of action you could take in order to manifest your goals.


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