Is The ‘Passion’ Search Frustrating You?


In the spiritual community there is pressure to uncover our passion or purpose. We go to seminars, take courses and get spiritual counseling/coaching to ‘raise our vibration’ to help us uncover our reason for living. And, for some of us, doing everything we know how to do still produces no clear path. Four considerations may help to relieve the passion pressure.

The Passion Poison

When all efforts fail to uncover our elusive passion, we begin to question ourselves especially when we see other people living in a passion groove. We wonder what is wrong with us. We question ourselves:

Why hasn’t mine shown up yet?
Aren’t I spiritually advanced enough to know my passion?
I’ve been good. I’ve meditated. I’ve given. I’ve bled and still bleeding.
When will it come?

Then guilt sets in because the direction is cloudy, and we feel it should be crystal clear. It turns into this ‘thing’ that we seek, that we throw financial resources at and squander our life force energy to make happen. This focusing of our energy has the potential to establish a toxic and malignant thoughtform that can take over.

That thoughtform can project an unrelenting desire to get ‘there’ and poison us against our own self with guilt and shame. The search can become an obsession and block our focus on our immediate environment and the wonders of day-to-day living. Our passion, at that juncture, is no longer associated with something wonderful, but something that eats us.

The Passion Carrot

‘Live your passion and the money will come,’ is an oft stated term that doesn’t pan out for everyone. The term ‘starving artist’ came about because artists living their passion were unable to financially support themselves purely from their dedication. That doesn’t mean they are doing anything wrong. The inability to carve out a living is just the way the expression is in that moment.

We have to be careful with the weight of responsibility we place on our passion when and if it shows up. Expecting too much from a passion could be detrimental because we don’t know how it will fundamentally perform in the structure of our life. As always, we must temper our expectations with anything.

Passions Of Many Colors

Could there be more than ONE passion? Some folks go from one thing to another and seem to be all over the place. They may be perceived as lost and confused, yet are enjoying life. Living is not necessarily a linear experience, but a parallel one with many things going on at once. We are not single-aspect Beings.

Even in a life-long passion, the passion changes and morphs from moment to moment, expands and sometimes winds up not resembling the original idea.

We could also be in a passion now and not even know because the workings of it may not look ‘spiritual.’ There are many ways in which we can serve ourselves and, as a result, the world.

The Ultimate Passion

What if life is just about walking in the world and meeting what comes in a day? That could include a ‘momentary passion’ or something longer term. There doesn’t have to be a big passion to accomplish.

IT.JUST.DOES.NOT.MATTER because walking around in these human bodies is your soul expressing in the most ambitious way possible. There can be no grander passion. The BE-ingness that you bring into your physical body is magnificent, omnipotent and all the passion you will ever need. You are living it NOW!

Get out of the pressure of not having a direct and emphasized direction in life. If one, singular thing comes, then ok. If many things come then rejoice in that too!

The Bottom Line

Just put one adventurous foot in front of the other, maintain your progression with being the best you can be, stop sweating it and live life! All that is meant for you will show up in the appropriate time.

‘If we really understood the herculean effort it is to be in a body, to live in this environment and just wake up every morning, perhaps we could appreciate and relax into allowing every breath to be our passion.’


In love with you.

About the Author

Lia Love is a healing facilitator. The absolute bottom line in life is feeling good. We cannot experience joy and inner freedom without feeling good. Her services are global meaning she can work with you no matter your location where you live in our beautiful world. She offers free Self Help on her site. Connect with Lia @ Lia Love’s Healing or Facebook