Is the Past Stealing Your Present?

Quantum physicist pioneer David Bohm once said that, “Ultimately, all moments are really one, therefore now is an eternity.” The gravity of this statement is huge. It reaffirms what sages, mystics, and yogis have been known for millennia. There is no such thing as the past or the future, even though we make up words to define moments which do not appear to be happening right now. Everything is happening right now, forever.

If the present is the only moment that is truly real, then what about the past? You remember previous present moments with ease, even though they are not happening right now within your scope of awareness. The past is kept alive by our thoughts being focused on it.

We should not forget the past because it acts as a good teacher in many ways. However, there is a certain point where focusing too much on the past will rob us of our ability to live in the present.

The Thief of the Past

Many of us are experiencing a high crime of theft and the thief is the past stealing the present.

The past may be stealing your ability to experience the eternal Now without you realizing it. Here are a few ways you will know whether this is occurring:

  • You are obsessed with history to the point where it is practically all you ever focus on in your space time. The majority of your conversations revolve around talking about some war that happened or some geopolitical events that transpired.
  • You find yourself often reminiscing about your childhood and youth, whether you have good pleasant memories or traumatic ones. You keep reliving your high-school “glory days” and still identify with the level of emotional maturity you were at in those times.
  • You continuously blame yourself, indicating you are having difficulty forgiving yourself about something, or several things, you have done in the past.
  • You are a grumpy and bitter person that finds people exuding joy to be annoying. The reason for your bitterness is something happened in your past where you were hurt in some way. At first, you probably felt sad, but then that turned into anger and bitterness.
  • You are afraid of change. You adopt a mindset of keeping everything the way it is because that is your comfort zone. You do not like progress on any front, even if it is going to be beneficial.
  • You have low self-esteem. Something happened in your past which made you feel ashamed, embarrassed, guilty, or not good enough. You have found it difficult to create a new identity for yourself as someone that is no longer those things.
  • You want to get revenge. Whether it was someone that you feel did something to cause you hard or some system that was oppressing you, you want to take vengeance on them.

How to Live in the Present

The key to shifting away from being controlled by the past is to let yourself know that the past is gone. It is no longer here. Yes, you may have had amazing experiences and yes, you may have had terrible ones, but those are no longer part of your present reality. In this new Now, you can create new experiences and are in control of making that happen.

Living in the past keeps us stagnant. If we want to continue evolving and becoming better versions of ourselves, we need to learn to let go and embrace the eternal Now that is the cauldron of infinite creative possibilities.

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