It’s Time to Step Outside the Conditioned Mind

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You are probably being conditioned on a daily basis. The conditioning could be done by the media, entertainment industry, government, education industry, corporations, family, friends, religion, and others. All those layers of conditioning placed over our true Self lead to the creation of an artificial persona that is a combination of things others want us to be and reflect.

To embody and reflect your true inner being, you need to step outside the conditioned mind and see reality face-to-face.

Nobody in their natural mind enjoys being manipulated. However, most people who are being conditioned to think, speak, and act a certain way don’t even realize that they are being manipulated. They believe that they have come to be that way by using their own free will. Sure, the tacit agreement could have been made, since nobody can truly violate your free will without your agreement to being violated, but a lot of this occurs subconsciously. That is why practicing mindfulness meditation to expand our awareness is so vital to staying sovereign.

The Cure to Conditioning Is Mindfulness

Meditation can still the mind, penetrating all the artificial layers until we can see more clearly. When we are still, we can locate our true Self. If we don’t practice mindfulness, then it is easier for us to get caught up in participating in illusions. Oftentimes, mind manipulation happens unconsciously. When you become still and expand your awareness, you become aware of whenever someone is attempting to condition, program, or manipulate your thoughts, words, and deeds. You no longer get caught up in using your energy to actualize their desires. You maintain your sovereignty.

Be mindful not to get so caught up in things that end up distracting you from living a Self-actualized and fulfilled life. Those conditioning you are not acting out of a wish or intent for you to attain this state of being. Instead, they are looking to control or influence you in a way that benefits them.

Attaining True Liberation

The gatekeepers of perception will attempt to keep you from attaining true liberation. When you widen your awareness, you can spot them instantly.

We are currently undergoing a massive collective shift. A great awakening is occurring, where people en masse are realizing just how conditioned they have become and have allowed themselves to become. A great deal of change can take place with just a small shift in consciousness.

Adyashanti once said that “All delusions begin in the mind. All delusions are based on ways we’re talking to ourselves, then believing what we’re saying.” I would add that delusions are also based on what we accept without testing using our discernment. You can keep in mind to be master of mind rather than be mastered by mind, as the old Zen saying goes.

When you stay a master of your mind, it is impossible to become susceptible to fear-based conditioning, since fear only exists in the mind. When you are keep on top of what your mind is accepting into your consciousness as something that shapes your thoughts, words, and actions, you won’t be fooled by this sort of thing.

The world is at a choicepoint. Massive changes are occurring, both internally and externally. However, more changes need to occur. More conditioning needs to be broken down and dissolved. We no longer need to accept manufactured consent, but instead can empower ourselves to think for ourselves. The time has come to free our minds and chart a course for ourselves that isn’t one that is serving an ulterior agenda not taking our best interests in mind.