Jonathan Goldman – Ultimate Om [Meditation Music]

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This week, we have an extraordinary experience for you…the Ultimate Om

Our second journey into healing sounds comes from Jonathan Goldman entitled Ultimate Om, released in 2004. Enjoy this 1:11:11 multi-layered Om.

This sound journey is beyond music…it is an energy transmission and encoding program to activate your dormant DNA. It will expand your energy and make you feel like you are transcending this physical dimension. It is an extraordinary sound healing tool when you remember that Om is said to be the primordial sound…that original ‘word’ that created the very Universe itself! If you want to clear the energetic gunk in your field, this is the way to do it.

About Jonathan Goldman

Jonathan Goldman is a world-renowned authority in the field of sound healing who presents lectures, workshops, and week-long intensive training sessions around the world. Goldman is a pioneer in the field of harmonics and a gold-selling artist who has produced and engineered Grammy-nominated albums and appeared on Grammy-winning recordings. New Age Retailer named Jonathan Goldman one of the Top Five Most Popular New Age Musicians, and he has been cited in national and international publications including USA Today and New York Times.

Ultimate OM is a sonic experience in which the listener is surrounded by hundreds of people chanting the sacred mantra “OM” in a continuous, fluid wave of sonic vibration. Both powerful and eminently listenable, it is a therapeutic musical masterpiece for healing and vibratory acceleration that continues the concept of the award-winning, best-selling Chakra Chants but also integrates a totally new synthesis of ideas and sonics designed to explore sound as a transformational modality.

Note: this is not a single “OM” repeated over and over; rather, it is the pulsating, choral peace and harmony of hundreds of voices sounding the ultimate “OM” at different times. Listening to Ultimate OM will help create balance and alignment in everyday life, assisting in calming and centering your mind and body. The ancient sacred and healing sounds of “OM,” when coupled with the new science of psychoacoustics, will help induce a deep peace for the listener. Great for meditation, relaxation, massage, or any form of bodywork.

Did you enjoy this sound journey?

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