Let The Emergence of a New Humanity Begin


Reality is a consciousness hologram that has as part of it an ability for us to move through time to experience the full range of emotions we feel as humans. This vast (even infinite) quantum reality is filled with metaphors to help us understand and bridge the gap between physical reality and the nonphysical subtle reality of consciousness. The rainbow bridge is the ultimate metaphor in shifting our awareness towards a place where we are consciously evolving and becoming intentional evolutionaries. By crossing this bridge, we are able to become self-realized and self-realization is then just one step away from full enlightenment and liberation.

By finally realizing that we are not what we think we are–this solid body that our basic senses perceive is the real ‘us’ (even legendary physicists Einstein and Planck have said that matter doesn’t exist), we can experience self-realization on the highest level where we realize that we are multidimensional consciousness simultaneously experiencing a wider horizon of Reality than we had ever previously thought was possible, even if we come from a religious background since this realization transcends all human concepts. As I said in my book The Creation of a Consciousness States, “The purpose of life is to gain experience.”

What else is life but a continuous stream of experiences? Of continuous being and becoming? To borrow another aphorism from my book, “The only constant in existence is change.”  12.21.12 meant many things to many people but overall we can agree upon there being enormous transitional and transformational shifts and changes occurring right now, the end result of which is still too hazy to see clearly. What we can all do to help ensure that the future is a bright one (that fully empowers and liberates humans wherever and whoever they may be) that shifts our minds towards unity and away from all the divisiveness that plagues human society. We are all interconnected…it’s time we start living life reflecting this reality.