Life is a Journey, Not a Destination

Life is a journey, not a destination.

A destination is a point where you decide you should be.
A goal is something you wish to attain.

Life is a journey, a series of destinations. Each one moving you along to the next.

At each destination you can move forwards, onwards, backwards, sideways…

We have choices.

When you set your destination in stone. When you have no-where to head to next, this is when we start feeling lost.

When we reach a destination (or achieve a goal), we wonder why we start looking over the fence, and seeing greener grass. We wonder why we are feeling unhappy or restless, we wonder why that which we have achieved isn’t enough.

To be able to fully live your life as a journey, means you have to always be open to new opportunities, to follow your instincts, feelings and thoughts with your eyes, ears, mind and heart all open.

When we limit ourselves, the journey becomes hard. When we know no limits we start having the best times.